Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Happy Birthday.......

to DS1, who is 19 today! I am sure I am not old enough to have a son that age!!! We did presents and cards at 8am before DS2 went to work, amazing considering DS1 can never get out of bed unless he is forced to! He was happy with his haul, although slightly disappointed when he opened a Gavin & Stacey DVD instead of the FIFA 10 X box game he asked for!! Guess who got the tags mixed up!!! Anyway, I have rooted in the cupboard and found the game, so all is well. He wanted it to play today as this is his only day off work - he is working Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day at the pub!
The birthday cake is made and I am just finishing off the Lasagne and salad! (his choice of meal) I have the Sherry trifle to finish and set the table. Grandparents and cousins arriving at lunch time due to the snowy conditions!
Got Barney's card made for the postman and delivered it yesterday with a bottle of wine! Completed an album I was making for someone to give as a gift. Right, I had better get on then! TFL x


SusieJ said...

Happy Birthday to DS1.
My, you're organised CC!
Still have loads of shoppingto do.
Sue xx

CoventryAnn said...

Cake looks fab!!!

mrs tsv said...

belated happy birthday to your ds, his birthday cake looks so yummy.

merry christmas to you cc and your family and all the best for 2010

hugs gina xxxx