Thursday, 17 December 2009

A happy bunny! & Unhappy bunny!

Happy bunny - I am jumping up and down here as I have been paid for the article I was asked to do a while ago in the last issue of Scrapbook Inspirations magazine! I was so over the moon to be asked to do the "Ready, Steady, Scrap" feature it might not have mattered that it was the last issue, although I did not know that at the time! But then, me being me, I anticipated that income and purchased a Sizzix Boutique machine as I had always wanted to be able to emboss! Using a Hobbycraft voucher I had paid £20 for it and was calling it "my reward" to myself! When the magazine went 'belly up' and they did not reply to my invoice (sent three times) I began to worry! However, just when I had given up hope, I get an email to say I will get it in the next couple of days! Just when I had been to the Christmas market again and taken more pictures of the "Real Reindeer" that I used for the layout, lol! I do miss Scrapbook Inspirations magazine, I thought that when Papercraft Inspirations dropped through the door this week :(
Unhappy bunny - someone has claimed back the cash I was paid for an e bay sale back in October! I sold a pair of DS2 designer jeans that had been hardly worn and sadly outgrown all too quickly! The lady received them and left feedback, apparently she has had a few problems with her Paypal subsequently and her bank have claimed back all of her Paypal transactions, even those that are legitimate! I know it's only £10 but it has taken me into negative funds with Paypal as I spend all my eBay earn money on stash of course!! They are cross and want me to rectify the situation!! So be warned! Paypals can be reversed, through no fault of your own! What is more her bank are not being helpful about getting it back to me!! Paypal have the whole thing frozen! What a mess! In the mean time I have to "rectify my negative balance!" Great! Whilst they investigate! Fortunately I have been able to fax the proof of postage, which I still have to show the goods were sent! Sometimes recycling goods is such hard work!! It's me who is suffering and I did not even do anything! Ok, rant over!! A little light crafting is required!! Lol! TFLx


SusieJ said...

Pleased you got your money CC - I thought the same when Papercraft Inspirations came this week - even though I'd cancelled my subs. Phoned them and apparently they had received the cancellation but the Jan issue had already been "sent out". At least they're not charging me!
Pooh to Paypal!! I've only ever bought on ebay - do my selling on Amazon (books and DVD's).
Love the reindeer.
Sue xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

lovely L/O cc, and pleased you got close enough to see take pic's of reindeer's this year...

maria x