Saturday, 12 December 2009

OAP Xmas decs!

Well, that's the pensioners sorted with their Xmas Dec's today! We were up and off early to Morrison's this morning so we could get our shopping done. Then we split into two teams. DS1 and I went to my parents and got their tree out of the loft and put it up along with their outside lights, whilst hubby went to his dad's and put his fibre optic tree up and his outside lights! All parents now beautifully decorated! Lol! DS2 has been run off his feet at work today at the chocolate shop, big Christmas build up and he is working tomorrow as it is the Victorian Christmas market! Phew, he will be going back to school for a rest! We are hoping to go into town and do some shopping tomorrow and get some good photo's! Just hope the weather stays fine.
Barney is spoiled in our house and has a cloth on the end of everyone's bed so that he can choose who he wants to spend time with in the evenings! Look what happens when you wash the cloths, tumble dry them and then 'chuck' them on the stairs to go up when they are still nice and warm!!! Awwwwww! Comfy??? So sweet!


SusieJ said...

Max says that is not spoiling - it's normal! So pleased
we're not the only one with throws at the end of beds for dogs!
Barney does look sweet though!
Sue xx
p.s How much washing did DS1 bring home? Our DS doesn't finish until next weekend - just want to be prepared. lol!

Virginia said...

busy busy I think is the way to sum up your day! The photo of your doggy is soooooooooo cute!!!!!!

sue-bubbles said...

Aw bless him! Bubbles settles on the tumbling as its coming out and being folded and piled up on the floor. Welldone with all the deccies, when are you coming round to do mine..??? lol! Have a great day at the Victorian market CC!
Sue x

mrs tsv said...

he looks so cosy, there on the stairs.
well done on all your hard work today. i bet your parents and parent in law really appreciated it.
gina xxxxxxxxxxxx