Tuesday, 8 December 2009


I just managed to reject 5 comments instead of publish them!! Sorry to those people, I had read them and was just supposed to be rejecting one and ended up rejecting all five! That's technology for you!! It was not personal!!
Anyway, what have we today for the December daily?? Well, a little trip to the hospital for an appointment, resulting in an op in the new year :( Other than that, a normal afternoon at school, but still with a dripping nose, due to this silly cold that I decided to get last night! Just taking a Lemsip!My missing stash parcel finally turned up today! My monthly kit from Studio Calico, that has been missing for ages! I have never been this late receiving it before, so it must be due to volume of post at Royal Mail! Anyway, at least it is here now! Looks like it has been sat on!! Fortunately the contents were intact!!Uploaded some pics of my mince pie making session from yesterday, so I just need to print those off and add them to the journal. TFLx

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SusieJ said...

Feel for you CC -thought it was only me made mistakes like that on the PC!
Sue xx