Saturday, 31 January 2009

Making a comeback!

I don't think I have missed two days blogging before, apart from being on holiday, so this is a first! I have been suffering with an awful cold, kindly passed on to me by hubby, which appears to have obliterated my two days off!! Thursday I was at the dentist and then went out for a meal to Pizza Express and by the time I woke up yesterday I was full of it!!! Even the Wii fit was abandoned and I was feeling truly sorry for myself, partly because I just can't get to sleep for the coughing!!! DS1 went and got more Covonia original yesterday and I had two lots during the night last night, but it has been a tricky one! I did manage to make a card yesterday, but that was the sum total of my crafting!! made using Basic Grey's Offbeat papers and some other bits from a kit.

Got a couple of stash parcels with things for cybercrop, some bling form Prima and some Tim Holtz ink pads in the sale. I used them yesterday to start my next tag for the 52 Q&A. Getting inot it a bit more now, although the questions seem random! My ink cartridges came too.

This time next week the cybercrop will be in full swing, I am so looking forward to it! Thanks goodness I was not ill next week that's all I can say!!

I managed to be good and resist an add-on from the Studio Calico reveal! I was tempted, but I made myslef be content with a Maya ink spritzer and some plain cardstock! By the time Cybercrop is over I will have used up quite a few of my past kits that were sitting there, so by next month I may allow myself to look!! The main kit this time looks great and has a unique stamp and papers, so it will be interesting to see it when it arrives! A bit of a far eatern flavour!

Ok, off to go and play in the craft room and rest myself up!!! Need to review my challenges and see what is required!! Got an idea for a celebratory paper bag book too! Catch you later! TFLx

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

If I could turn back time....

Last week, when Barney was poorly, it made me realise that maybe we are now on borrowed time! His Addison's disease will shorten his life and although a mongrel, I suppose we will do well to have him a couple years longer! I searched out a puppy photo of him to put alongside the one I took last week and noticed the change in him. There are 12 little circular photos that I punched out of the set of index prints from my Barney photo's. They were supposed to echo the theme of time, along with a clock cur from a Prima paintable that is just peeping from under the background.
This challenge was to use Red and black to scrap an animal and include stitching. I used my January Studio calico kit, which I was unsure about to start with when it first arrived, but as soon as I started to use it I have been on a roll!! I added a few of my own things including some Cosmo blackboard flowers, some crochet lace from MM and some elegant long pins I bought at Christmas from the garden centre and never used! The circular mat is cut using my corner rounding punch minus its outer frame.
I wonder if my layouts are becoming a bit too busy? They are definitely more intricate and involved at the moment! I am going mad with hand cutting too! I always used to start with patterned paper as a background, but now I find myself starting with plain backgrounds!! Kraft is my favourite! It's amazing how tackling a challenge makes you be more focused and takes you to places you might not necessarily gone yourself!! I love it!! TFLx

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

52 Questions and answers tag 3!

Here is a tag I have done for a challenge on UKs, where I had to use inks and a spritzer bottle. I don't have any alcohol inks - yet!!! so i used a Tim Holtz ranger distress ink pad in tea dye! I crumpled an old piece of map and then inked with tea dye ink, then spritzed with water. When dry, I inked with some blue blending blocks. I then stamped butterflies using twinkling H2 0s painted on the stamp instead of ink. I added a decoupage fairy cut from a Christmas card. The wooden heart has been embossed using a Versamark ink and a moonglow embossing powder! I had to write do you believe in a fairy as I did not have enough room for fairies!!! Lol!! Glued the whole thing to a handmade luggage label made from kraft cardstock. Will write my journaling on the back when the silicone glue is dry. Inked around the edges with a brown chalk eye ink pad! My own idea, but I think it will blend with the others very well!!

Talking of Tim Holtz I am very excited as I have booked a place on a demonstration by him at Art from the heart in Harrogate!! I could not resist it!!! I am sure i will have alcohol inks then!! Your £5 ticket is redeemable against any purchase!! There are tickets left ladies!!! He is demonstrating at CHA this week!! I am becoming a little more experimental with paints and things! Not so afraid to get it wrong! If you keep going to the end of a project it often ends up looking better!! I get scared part way through!!

I thought i would have struggled with question 3, as I am not a 'fairy' girl at all, but i have a story about the tooth fairy that I want to journal. I was struggling for a picture until I was about to recycle my Christmas cards!! It just goes to show you should not throw things away!! TFLx

P.S. don't forget to set your alarm early for Studio Calico reveal! Be there at 5am or be square!!I am trying not to buy any add ons ths month!

Monday, 26 January 2009

A scraplift

If your mojo is lacking why not try a scraplift? This was a layout for a weekly challenge, which started as a scraplift but then altered into my own thing! The challenge was to scrap a winter picture using summer colours, so i chose yellows. The scraplift part was that I had seen someone in a magazine cut up one of these Sassafras background papers, cutting out the trees and letting a different background show through! This is what i took and used it together with my own papers and ideas for journal ling and embellishment. the layout had to include stitching, so I stitched two Sassafrass edges from the bottom of two sheets to a strip of my October Afternoon paper, to create my own braid. Another of my handmade flower embellishments on this LO to complete another part of the challenge. Unfortunately the flash has bounced off the rainbow picture I took a couple of weeks ago, but it is there!! The final part of the challenge was to include a star and stripe to reflect the new presidents inauguration! The star is behind the hand cut bird! I am now into hand cutting and did some more last night!! I need to do some today as the cybercrop challenge is to hand cut using decorative scissors, so if I have time I'll try it! See where a scaplift can lead you!!! Get a magazine out and try it today! TFLx

Sunday, 25 January 2009

The world as I see it

I took this picture recently, this is how I see the world, over the top of these and they are getting bigger!!! My back and shoulders ache! I can't see my feet! No bra I have fits me at all! I had this top on today and think the time has come to consign it to the cupboard until I am a twelve and flat chested!!! (Never in a million years will I be a size twelve!)

I pegged out ( Yorkshire term!) the washing and looked at the PE kit and hundreds of black socks and underpants and thought of my life as I see it! It's a man's world, certainly in this house, even the dog is male! So I grabbed my tiara (courtesy of Claire's accessories) and tried to search for my inner princess, before getting down to ironing all those shirts and cleaning the bathroom. (Why is it men can never aim straight?!!) So I had gone from berating my femininity to criticising the masculinity in this house in the same hour!
I love my boys dearly and would not be without them, but boy there are a lot of hormones raging around here at the minute and they ain't mine! DS2 has entered the "Kevin" stage of arguing every point and tutting and huffing like it's going out of fashion! Acne is appearing at a great rate of knotts. We only just conquered this with DS1!!!! He is at the grunting stage, where he says he does not mutter, it is I who needs a hearing aid!!!!! Doors slam, sibling rivalry occurs at regular intervals, boys bicker and play fight and the peaks and troughs of life lurch past with a roller coaster of emotions!!!! I fall into bed exhausted! Those terrible teens sure do beat the terrible twos into a cocked hat!!!!! I thought toddlers were difficult!
My boys are great, they are well rounded, polite, well mannered and respectful to others, I am very proud of that. The efforts on our part to keep it that way are never ending and I have to say there are occasional slips! We have the added difficulties of aging parents, who at times can have their tantrums as good as the teens! And are equally good at not doing as they are told! (And never will by the way! I have been assured of that!)
So where is this going? Well no one said life was going to be easy and every day teaches you a lesson and today's lesson for me was be proud of who you are and what you have achieved. Stop striving for perfection. Let nature take it's course, it's just a phase! It's my turn for the hormones next!!!!! TFL x
Update! I was double dared by Cal to scrap it!!! So here it is!!!!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Scrapbook apprentice sneaks!!!

Layout number 1
Layout number 2
Card number 1
Card Number 2
The deadline has passed for the third challenge to be handed in, so I can now post some sneaks of this months work! Remeber, this was the tricky challenge with cardstock only!!!! Not a patterned paper in sight!! Coredinations has a different core to it which you get at by distressing so I used some distressing techniques and we were given burnt umber paint!! How many different ways can you decorate plain card??? I used sewing, dry brush painting, sanding, rubbings, white gel paint, scratching, stencils, punching, inking, rub ons....... etc......etc..... Try it yourself!
I wonder which two they will pick for next months vote?? We will see in 7 days time when all will be revealed over on the Creativity Life blog!
Thanks to all those who have supported me so far and been so generous with their vote! I appreciate it and I am thoroughly enjoying the challenges! Off to play with next month's kit! TFLx

Friday, 23 January 2009

How much?????!!!!!

Poorly Barney is much better. We took him back to the vet last night and she gave him a course of antibiotics and said the results of all his bloods were fine. The bad news is the cost £170!!!!! I love him dearly and would not be without him, but could have done without a bill that big!!!!!!!! maybe my challenge to use up my old stash is going to be more relevant than ever!!! Having said that, my half price papers arrived from the do-crafts sale today. I ordered the 'Boxer' set and some rub-ons and a rub-on roller, a bargain!
A couple of projects I made for the cybercrop challenge yesterday, a patchwork bag, to keep things handy on my desk! And a handmade embellishment. Another one of my flowers, but this time using patterned paper. I made the leaves and stitched them by machine like I did for the Birthday blooms card on The Scrapbook Apprentice challenge. Talking of which I have the next challenge to start, so may do that this morning!! Some lovely papers this time, with Pattern!! What a change!! I wonder which one of my cardstock only creations they will select??? Not long to wait! The next lot are revealed on the first of Feb, when voting begins again.

Ok, must dash if I am to get anything done. Barney needs a walk, in his new coat! he does not like it but it is raining and he is poorly! We had the slowest walk on record yesterday because of it! TFLx

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Poorly Barney :(

My bestest bud is poorly and its his birthday today! he is 11! He was ill when I was at work and I took him to the vet this afternoon and she kept him! She did some blood test as he is an Addison's dog and she needed to check his electrolyte levels, but I did not want him to stay over night. I fetched him home and he is to go back tomorrow. An Addisons event can be fatal. I cried all the way home when I left him, what am I like!!! This dog is my baby!! Please send him some Sparkly vibes xx Tflx
Off for a cuddle!!!xx I love him dearly.
P.S. Last time he had these blood tests he did not forgive me for ages, see this post for a great pic, in fact I scrapped that photo for one of my first Scrapbook Apprentice projects and called it "not speaking!"

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A fun "Case File" challenge for the cybercrop!

This weekend we had to try and get the fingerprint (just one!) of our family for a layout which I made on Sunday called "The usual Suspects" sticking with the Whodunnit theme!!! Stazon ink everywhere after paw printing the dog!!

I decided to try and get some authentic mugshots too for a case of evidence! Lol! This is what I came up with!!!

Even barney was given a name and number!!! I am in the 'Interpol' team so I put a piece of kraft cardstock through the printer with the logo and "Case File" on the front. Then used some of my Studio Calcio kit for January to add pattern. The detail cards for each family member were pinted out on old book paper using a hand typwriter font. The front of the file has the date stamped on it! Some very shifty characters here! Lol!!! Still not persuaded my 18yr old to join in!!!

Monday, 19 January 2009

A challenge layout for Do-crafts

Over on the do-crafts forum I have been a bit remiss of late and have not managed a couple of the monthly challenges, so here is one I made finally!

The challenge was to use a photo - framed, blue or green, ribbon, a handmade embellishment and the title had to be perfect or perfection. This is an old photo I have had around for ages waiting to get it scrapped. My eldest who was 18 last month is only about 8 on here!!! Lol!! Still I love the opportunity to get these snaps done! I used my January Studio Calico kit with addition of some MM ribbon/braid and a Cosmo Cricket blackboard frame.

I used the title 'My perfect cousins' after the song title! My handmade embellishments are the metal hearts made from the inside of a tomato puree tube, (shown here) stamped with Stazon in and cut out with scissors.
A lot of manufacturers are showcasing some of the sneaks of their new products for the up and coming CHA trade show! If you fancy a drool look at Prima's blog here!!! Must go and fetch a towel to wipe my keyboard!! I want it all!!! Lol! Tflx
Off to make another label or two! Watch out Tim Holtz!! We have another question soon I hope!!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

52 Questions and answers

This is a journaling challenge over here on this blog, that was spotted by Jackie over on do-crafts and Sue bubbles suggested we all have a go! I decided to keep my tags small like the original as I would have more chance of completing them!! I made some luggage labels from a sheet of kraft cardstock so that I would have an endless supply of the same type. As I had brought Tim Holtz 12 tags of Christmas to everyone's attention on here, but never got round to completing any of them, I wondered if I could combine the two challenges, by using his techniques but not using a Christmas theme, so here goes!!!
Tag one is here question 1: what do i wish for this year to bring? Using Tim's techniques for label 1
Can you see where I am coming from? I used crackle paint on the background and the chipboard letter, distress ink rubbed over the top, some pages torn from an old book and a snowflake stamp for January. Then added a selection of my own embellishments. The journaling is on the other side.
question 2: am i afraid of change?Used Tim's label 2 techniques.
This time I took his snowy sparkly theme and tried to interpret it in a different way but retain the sparkle! I stamped with Versamark and embossed in seafoam white then inked and spritzed the background Stamped butterflies in brilliance ink and added stickles and glitter! The row of gemstones and Heidi Swapp ghost elements are similar to his. The Prima flower is held on with a K&Co brad with butterflies on. I realised afterwards the butterfly was a great theme to choose for this question about change!!! I would like to say it was deliberate, but just a happy accident!!! Lol! The journaling on the back of this one is on an antique pharmacy label.I wonder if I can keep it up!! TFLx

Thanks for the inspiration ladies and gents!!!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

A Matchbook

Here is a Basic Grey matchbook kit in blush papers that I have had for ages and I am on a mission to use up old stash this year. I punched it all out from the background and sanded off all the little tabs and then inked all the edges with a brown chalk eye ink pad. The holes were already punched so I just pressed them out with a pokey tool and then used some of my brads from my collection to join it all together. I added some of the die cut tags from the kit, inked of course, and some fibres and used my hole punch to tie them on the top spine. The title is made from Basic Grey stickers and says food for thought! Just need to go ahead and fill it now!! Job for today perhaps???
I challenge you to find something you have had for ages and ages and get it made up!!! Let me know how you get on!!! TFLx
P.S. Getting my camera back today! Yay!!! All mended!!!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Oh no! I've fallen off the wagon!!

The hint of a Cybercrop and I go all weak at the knees and go panic buying! So far I have bought Herma dispenser and 3 refills, 4 reels of DST in various widths, plain white cardboard, Basic Grey - Boxer pad in the do crafts half price sale and various Basic Grey rub ons with a rub on roller! If you have not seen this sale, head over there now!!! Apparently their association with Basic Grey has come to an end so that must be why they are selling it off so cheap! I also ordered more silicone glue yesterday from stamp addicts who have 20% of everything and a Tim Holtz stamp fell in my basket and then I bought my Cybercrop team Mystery kit from Mod scraps and a half price book and distress embossing powder fell in my basket! All in all not a good start!!!
This morning I was tempted to buy towels in the Laura Ashley sale final reductions at a very silly price. We are due to decorate our bathroom, so I thought buying now with huge reductions were better than buying later at full price! I got a towel bale of 2 hand and bath towels and a bath mat and pedestal mat (hate these but essential if you have boys in any bathroom!!!!) Bargainous!!!
Ok, so I have admitted my sins and those of you who know me will realise that I have done well to last this long!!!

Crafty jobs for today;
Make a book mark for Cybercrop
Make a layout read for my team's challenge over on UKs
Try and start my 52 Q&As for do crafts
Monthly challenge for do crafts
Weekly challenge for UKs
Sort out stash for Cybercrop

Also need to catch up 3 days worth of Wii fit!!
How many do you think I will manage?????? Catch you later with the result!
Ok! Disaster has struck!!! I asked hubby to go online on his laptop and look at my Creativity life stuff and he went on my blog and read this post about all the stash I have been buying!!! he said "what's all this stash buying then!" How daft am I??? I have now edited the post to remove certain evidence, never before has he checked up on me on here! Will have to be more careful in future!
So what have I got done off my list??? Well, I sorted out lots of stash piles today so I could see what I had that would suit! I have completed the bookmark challenge and I have made my LO for my team challenge over on UKs but I can't show it yet! Also done 2 sessions on the Wii fit and cooked tea, so all in all, not bad!! TFLx

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Now it's December!

Phew, almost caught up to date now!!! Here is my double page from the Shimelle Scrap your Day challenge for December 25th! I just printed out my favourite photo's for the day and printed them all the same size! Then I accented a couple of mini shots. The embellishments are all from Anna Griffin. I have now filled in the journaling but realise this photo does not have it on!! I also have not put the 25 numerals on yet!! Only two more months to go and the year will be complete! This was a challenge set for last years Cybercrop, talking of which, the new one for this year has just been announced and I am registered! I am in Interpol on the Jacques Clouseau team for the 'Whodunnit' cybercrop. This, for those of you who do not have a clue what I am talking about, is when you scrap all weekend on various classes and photograph them and submit them online for points for your team! I had great fun last year, even if it was just that I got to scrap for days without any interruption and had a perfect excuse!! I just told the family to imagine I had gone away for the weekend and just to manage without me!! Lol!! What fun!! My challenge this year will be to try and use my existing stash rather than buying things. last year I did this apart from a few basics and it worked out fine. The only kit I may get is the mystery kit tonight if it is not sold out! A sponsor sells a mystery kit and you have no idea what's in it. When it arrives you have to complete the challenge set, using this stash! Great fun! I will be going on about this for weeks so be prepared!! I don't go to a crop locally, so this is my way of cropping in cyberspace!!
This morning was the sneak peeks of the next Studio Calico kit - have just been over there to check them out! Fab! as usual! lets see if I can keep my nerve come reveal day!!! TFL x

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I'm still in November!!

I have just finished my November page for the 'Scrap your day' challenge over on Shimelle's blog! My camera broke just before the 25th so I don't actually have any photo's for the day, so I just used any of my November photos. The album prompt suggested tiny photo's in a block so I took this idea and used my step by step photo's I had taken of making my Christmas cake and pudding - a family ritual!! There is also Barney's photo shoot for his Christmas card and we had snow so all in all the pages have turned out quite well. I have done December too, but I will share that with you tomorrow.

Only January and February left and I will have completed it!! A target achieved I hope!

Last month on Studio Calico they were selling this same Making Memories blank calendar again, so in a moment of madness I added one to my basket and when I have completed Scrap your day I am going to start one using my favourite photo's of each month of the year - providing I get my camera back!!! I seem to always have photo's from my dog walks, so I will maybe base it on the seasons, not sure yet.

Talking of Studio Calico, my January kit box arrived bright and early this morning, just the main kit, no add-ons this time, I have been very good!! Just about to rush off and open it and drool and stroke!!! Don't forget you early risers, that the sneaks of the February kit will be available on the homepage early tomorrow!!! What I love about these kits are they are not themed too much to the celebrations, e.g. Valentines so I know that only one add on will have things in that are specifically love themed!!!

I have been keeping up my Wii fit most days! I have managed at least 30mins a session and I have noticed my waist beginning to reappear! I have not lost too much weight as I have not been dieting, but I hope I am getting fitter! I am the queen of Hula-hooping!!!! And table tilt is my fave balance game!!

Just received my challenge 4 details from Creativity Life today, which means the next box of Scrapbook Apprentice goodies must be on their way!!! I only posted the last ones yesterday!!! Than you to all who have voted for me so far! I appreciate it!!! My self confidence is not great at the moment, I need to have a swift talk to myself and get more positive!!!

After my last sale of craft goodies just before Christmas, people have been asking me for more and my Etsy shop is quite light at the moment!! I must get cracking!! But, with Offsted imminent at work, we seem to have gone into mega-overdrive at school, so I am trying to remain calm!!!

Ok, enough of my waffle, off to do some work and then play with paper. Must try to get to bed early tonight as OH has to be off early in the morning. Check back with you all tomorrow!! Ciao!

P.S. Thanks to Jackie for her second comment having completed her paper flowers yesterday! way to go girl!!!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Vintage flower embellishment tutorial

Last night I completed a weekly challenge layout for my team points over on UK scrappers. I had made a resolution to try and complete more weekly challenges this year. I had it all laid out and ready to assemble and had completed the stitching, but it was not done until the last minute!!! The challenge was to use the theme celebration, use 12 of something and include buttons on your layout. Here is my offering. Another Venice photo from our wedding anniversary trip. 12 buttons. I machine stitched a circle on the background, which you can hardly see on here, and I hand doodles around the edge of the page. Each button has been stitched using embroidery thread. The tag is hand cut from a vintage nautical map and then the edges were distressed. Don't forget to check out my Etsy shop for packets of vintage scraps, including those I used on here!

I used one of these homemade embellishments on this layout. This one was made using some vintage letters I bought off ebay dating from 1897. Mostly they were receipts from a solicitors for money paid to will beneficiaries and often they had a stamp on them under the signature to verify it. I also used a page from an old cookery book dating from the 1930's and a page or two from a 1940's Art book. The buttons are all vintage too.

You will need:

Woodware Craft Punch - Super - Scalloped Circle

Dark brown chalk eye ink pad



Vintage papers

1. Punch out some scalloped circles, how many depends on the thickness of your paper and the effect you want to create. I like mine really 'full' so I used about 15-20. (Too many wont fit on the brad!)

2. Arrange the scallop circles in a pile with your favourite one on the top (I used the one with the stamp) Don't have a very exact and neat pile, have some circles slightly off centre or your flower will be too regular.

3. Punch through the middle of the pile using your Cropadile. (may need to do this in two halves if the paper is thick. This just adds to the offset and looks good.)

4. Thread the brad through the centre and splay out at the back.

5. Using your fingers, scrunch the papers up around the centre brad by squishing and squashing your fingers tips against each other to push the papers up and add depth.

6. Using the chalk eye in pad, ink all around the edges of the flower, moving the pad horizontally and vertically to catch the edges. Don't worry if it's not even or if you miss some, it all adds to the texture.

7. Finally arrange the flower carefully by rotating the scrunched layers around the brad so that they go up and down in different places, see the photo below.

Now you have made one, you will want to make more!!!! I glue them in place using Silicone glue.

You can vary them by using the Super Duper Scallop punch too under the super sized circles so that your bloom has layers! Right, I am off to make more!!! TFLx

P.S. Another great vintage flower tutorial is here . Check it out for fluffy flowers!

P.P.S. Jackie left a comment to say there is another great flower tutorial here thanks Jackie!!

Sunday, 11 January 2009


Here we are, just into January and already we are very close to the eagerly anticipated sneak peeks of the next Studio Calico kit! I am also anticipating the imminent arrival of last months kit any day now! I have developed a secret hoard of these kits and have not been using them as they are too nice!! (the curse of the stash-aholic!!! To look at and to stroke only!!!) I had made a pact with myself that I was to survive solely on the kit without any add ons until I started using some, so let's see if I can keep to that when I see the sneaks! I have been very good so far and not bought anything stash related this year as I have put the whole family on a January economy drive!!! I am enjoying shopping for food for bargains and trying to make healthy meals as cheaply as possible. I have to admit with two teenage sons there are great appetites in this house, but I hve managed it so far, mostly because I have re-introduced my own baking!! It's amazing how cheap making your own food is. I have rarely bought ready meals in the past, Pizzas and M&S steak pie being the only things apart from a couple of M&S one portion meals in the freezer for emergencies for DS2 on an a dance night! But having reintroduced baking I am able to fill DS2 without breaking the bank! Having been worried about him being underweight too, this is also addressing this issue! Maybe not so good for me though! Last night I made his favourite, Sponge pudding in the microwave, and in 4 mins he was eating a quarter of a treacle sponge without a problem! Give it a go! (Occasionally!)

Treacle sponge pudding in the microwave

Line a pudding basin with cling film (so the pudding turns out easily later!)
Place two tablespoons of Golden Syrup in the bottom of the basin
Into a mixing bowl place the following ingredients; (I use my food mixer for this)
5oz (125g) of Self Raising Flour
1 level teaspoon of baking powder
3oz (75g) of soft margarine
3oz (75g) of caster sugar
1 egg
4 tablespoons of milk

I mix this together using a food mixer and then when combined leave it beating on high for 2 minutes. This should give you a soft consistency sponge mixture which you then turn into the pudding basin on top of the treacle and spread it level. Cover the basin top with layer of cling film and puncture the surface three times with a sharp knife to create steam vents. Place the pudding on the edge of the turntable in the microwave for 6 mins if your microwave is low powered or 4 minutes if it is 800-1000w like mine. Leave the pudding to stand 10 minutes before turning it out. Serve with custard!
(Recipe taken from my school recipe book we wrote when I was in my first teaching job!)

As an option, you could replace the syrup with strawberry jam instead to make jam sponge pudding! Just what you need in this cold weather!

Ok, all this talk of food, must go and get on the Wii fit! Still managing at least half an hour most days!!! Good job if I am eating treacle sponge! Lol!! TFLx

Saturday, 10 January 2009


How cold is it this morning????!!!!!!! We have thick frost here today and I hopped out of bed and put the heating back on straight away!!!
I was up late last night making some more cards for my Scrapbook apprentice challenge as I was not happy with them and so made a few more. This is the first time I have made extra or faffed about with layouts after I thought they were done, but it certainly has been a challenge!
This first one I like, but when I added up what I had used, I found I had used one item too many! You are only allowed 3 items extra including 2 from a previous kit, and as the kit was so light this time I had added three from previous kits so that's not allowed!!
This next one, although I think it is very effective, I felt it lacked skill. A great way to get rid of leftover alpha stickers though!! makes a quick card too!
The last of the rejects is this one, again I used too many things. To jazz up the plain background, I used Versamark ink and clear embossing powder, then I used a stamp from a previous kit and a whispers stroke pen from a previous kit and ribbon from a previous kit!! Whoops! That makes three! Not allowed!! It is hard this DT work!!

Of the two cards I have left I have double checked my 3 limit on embellishments and 3 limit on tools! I think I am safe!! All I need do now is package them up, after I have photographed them!

I do miss my camera. It has been sent away for fixing and I have not heard anything yet. Fingers crossed it can be repaired at little cost, but I think that's hopeful!! When I went into Jessops to try they wanted £25 to send it off and average Sony repairs were £160!!! Cheaper to buy a new camera now. I have taken it back to where I purchase it and they have lent me one, but it is so big and heavy I am loathed to use it! That and the fact I am scared to use it!!! Maybe when I have a bit more time!! TFLx

Thursday, 8 January 2009

I think it's done!

I spent all afternoon and evening on my Scrapbook Apprentice challenge 3 and I think it's done! Well, to the best of my ability anyway! What a challenge it was, just coredinations cardstock one set of black cardstock stickers, some tiny brads, dark brown paint and some turquoise self adhesive gems. It's quite a challenge! You try it!!! Anyway, two layouts (single photo) and two cards are drying on my desk as we speak, so hopefully will be able to get them posted off tomorrow.

Parents have managed to come for Fish and Chips for tea tonight, for the first time in weeks and weeks and boy did those chips taste good! Mind you with the credit crunch and all that they are quite an expensive meal so I am sure I wont be having them again for a while! Bit of a contrast to last nights tea, which was Spanish sausages - a recipe from Good Housekeeping using onions, red and yellow peppers and two tins of tomatoes + seasonings and herbs and spices- all the better because the sausages were a large tray of cocktail sausages reduced to 50p as they were on their last day of sell by date!! I love a bargain! Served with lots of buttery mash and frozen peas! Not good for the waistline but good for the soul on a cold day!! Included three of their five a day in one meal!! I did try and only have a couple of sausages and had mostly sauce! Did not manage the Wii fit yesterday either so black mark for me! Have done half an hour tonight though. Was on a bit of a chocolate fix yesterday too as when I got to school there was a box of truffles on my desk from Christmas and they really needed eating!!!!

Tomorrow I ought to try and do some crafting I can share on here!! I will try and fix that! It's about time I shared a project! TFLx

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Vintage style

Here is a layout I found from my summer holiday at my sisters in France that I had not published on here (I don't think!). I was trawling my photo archives for a snap to use in the next challenge for Scrapbook Apprentice, when I came across this.
I tried to put together a layout that reflected my time in France, searching the antiques markest for vintage finds to add to my layouts and this I felt reflected that time. I used Anna Griffin french lace papers and added some of my vintage finds, like the lace, which I even made a hand sewn rosette out of. Vintage magazines, music and buttons complete the look, along with some modern door furniture in a vintage style. Hidden journaling is on a luggage label behind a photo. The Prima paintables cardstock coloured with chalks adds a vinatge french feel too. Proper pins and adhesive pearls give a sewing feel to the layout.
I am busy planning a crafting day tomorrow, but unfortunately will not be able to share much if I succeed, due to the limits of the competition, but stand by for updates! TFLx

Monday, 5 January 2009

That back to school feeling!!

Yep, I have it! It's that back to school feeling and it isn't feeling great!!! Whilst everyone else is jumping for joy that their little ones are out of their hair, I, on the other hand am in deep depression as it is time for me to go back to school! The holidays have passed so quickly and I have had no time at all to do anything craftwise. I did just reclaim the craftroom last night before I went to bed, you know, put away all those piled up presents and left over gift wrap and cards and found all the craft things I had stuffed in cupboards and under the bed so people could actually stay the night in there!!!
Yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon emptying my briefcase and trying to get my head around planning this term 'til half term. I can tell you it is six weeks to half term for me!!! First priority, get the holiday dates in the diary!!! Last night I was on the Wii fit until 11pm then I could not get to sleep as all that exercise had made me wide awake, so that's how come I reclaimed the craft room! Today we did manage to wake up and get the boys off to school on time, but then I nodded off and woke up at half nine! Wont be doing that tomorrow!! been out for lunch today for a sandwich with some girlies from work as it was someone's birthday!!! Any excuse! Then managed a coffee with another friend on her break from Thomas Cook. Nipped into Phones 4 U to exchange my blue-tooth headset I got for Christmas as it was like trying to put a flower pot in your ear!!!! Buying cheap does not always pay! Got a more slimline version more in keeping with my shell-like!
I have decided to make a few changes in spending habits this year, one of my new year's resolutions, so wandered into Boots to buy Number 7 make up instead of my usual brand. 3 for 2! Got some moisturiser, foundation and highlighter and still spent £32!!! Thought I was cutting back????!!!! Can't go without though, don't want to shock the nation with the bags under my eyes!!!! Highlights may have to go this month too, we will have to see. I'm just doing what everyone else is doing, even went to get my weekly shop from Netto this week, surely it all helps?
The rest of my resolutions are as follows;
1. Save more money
2. Keep up the Wii fit
3. Lose weight (this is on every year!!!) Eat healthier.
4. Stop stash spending other than my monthly kit (which may well go next month if I don't use it - again!!!!!) for 3 months.
5. Cut back on one of my magazine subscriptions
6. Like myself more
7. Get to bed earlier!!!
8. Cut back on caffeine and alcohol

That's eight so far, so I don't want to overload myself!
Think I should get these down on a layout so I can look at them frequently!!! TFLx

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Scrapbook Apprentice sneaks

Last month I forgot to take photo's of my layouts before sending them off for judging, this month I remembered! We are only allowed to post sneak peeks and not the entire layout so here are a few sneaks of both the layouts and cards I submitted this month! TFLx

Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy new Year Everyone!!

So here we are in 2009, as quick as that!!! We had a great time on new years eve with lots of puppy cuddling and then had a lovely day yesterday at my sisters, although dad is still struggling! he seems to have hurt his back now with all this coughing, a trip to the osteopath will be top of the list next week and in the mean time BIL did a fab job of massaging him to ease the pain.

We came home early last nigt and I just fell into bed for an hour at tea time to catch up on some zzzzzz but then managed to sleep for a couple of hours, getting up at 8 to make a quick sandwich before watching Marple on ITV! before I knew it, it was bed time and I have slept in 'til ten this morning!!!! I must have needed the sleep! My cough has been keeping me awake a few nights and it was slightly better last night. DS1 was on his football manager game on here, so there was no chance of getting online even if I had wanted to!!!!

So what's the news???? Well, I made it through to th e next round of the Scrapbook Apprentice competition!!! Thanks to all who voted for me! I logged on this morning to see my next layouts on view, so I must have made it through!!! I have the third challenge here waiting, but as it consists totally of cardstock and brown paint I have not tackled it yet!!! I thought if I did not get through I would not have to, but now I must get the little grey cells into gear and get creative! If you visit the Creativity life blog to vote, my layout has been posted on its side at the moment!!!! I must email them and ask them to change it!!! So nip over there and have a look at everyones handywork!!! They are all looking great gain, such a difficult decision!

Right, off to get dressed - as it is lunchtime - and take Barney out and give some thought to my new year's resolutions, that should take some time! Will let you know how I get on with those tomorrow!!! Before I go, here are some puppy pics as promised!!! Tooooooooooo cute!!!! TFLx