Monday, 30 March 2009

More Easter gifts!

Yesterday my sock flower bouquets seemed to go down very well, today I have been making another and two metal buckets full of eggs and decorated with my daffodils.
Today I have been doing my school work and not much crafting!!! I might get some done tonight! I have however made an attempt to catch up on my 52 Q&A tags!!

Remember these tags I made after my trip to see the Tim Holtz demo?

Well I have now completed questions 10, 11 and 12!!! Some tricky questions here!!! i have improvised one!!

I have left my camera at my sisters after yesterdays party! What a disaster!!! I can't live without it! i use it everyday! Have tried to improvise by using DS2's today! need it before the weekend as I have a trip down memory lane planned! Will tell you later! TFLx

Sunday, 29 March 2009

21 today!!!

21 today, you've got the key of the door, never been 21 before!!!!!!

At the risk of being an 'uber' embarrassing auntie, I just wanted to wish my younger niece happy 21st today!! The worrying fact is that she is the younger of my two nieces which makes me feel mega old!!!!!!! We are having a birthday bash at her house today and she has come home from Spain (where she is studying) especially, so hope to get some fab photo's today! I celebrated her 18th by giving her a scrapbook, so no pressure today for having made her another thank goodness, although I do have a little something up my sleeve!!!

Also my nephews birthday today over in Germany! He is 7! Happy birthday to you!

And how could I forget this glamour puss??!!! Her 8th birthday was yesterday!!!

My one excuse these days to buy girly girl things!!!! Happy birthday for yesterday, I hope you had a lovely day! (Also hope that the singing Hannah Montana doll has not driven your mum around the bend yet!!!

Wow, that's a lot of birthdays! That's all for now! Off to get myself 'glamed' up for the party! Lovely bright sunshine here! TFLx

P.S. Did you remember the hour last night?? We lost an hour's sleep!!!!

Saturday, 28 March 2009


I made few cards last night before I went to bed. I decided to use up some of my Studio Calico kit leftovers and see how many cards I could make. I made five without trying!! I even used (wait for it!) a "peel-off"!!!!!!
had a great day today, although I actually did not spend too much! I bought loads of double sided tape and silicone glue!!!! A mini mister a blue alcohol ink, Prima say it in crystals and two Woodware acrylic and chipboard albums! Some beautiful new papers from Art from the Heart - a make I had not heard of before called Black magic or something - they look like fabric!!! A 7 gypsies door handle and a brief chat with the lovely Kirsty W completed my day! Hubby had bought scones with jam and cream when I got home and had them ready with a cup of tea! he had also cooked a fab tea because both boys were out a work! How lucky can a girl get??? Off to checkout the Studio Calico gallery of ideas this month whilst I have a cup of coffee and a truffle - (One of the bonuses of DS2 working at an Organic chocolate shop!!!!) TFL x

Up and about early!

For the Studio Calico reveal. Managed to bag an add on this month but still missed out on the bakers twine when it whizzed out of my basket before I managed to checkout! I decided to go with 'Hey Diddle' as i could not resist the Tim Holtz goodies!! I got extra coloured card and more paper too and an Apron lace punch so I am happy! Off back to bed now! Northern papercrafts show today so I need more sleep!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Dad and all things french!!

Last week I was helping mum and dad tidy and make a bookcase for there endless supply of books and I came across an old french nautical chart that had been used to wrap a parcel sent to dad, from France last Christmas. It was a 1929 nautical map and contained details of places he used to go sailing with his chum in France when they lived there in 1949. Unbeknown to dad I brought it home, as I knew he did not want to throw it away, and I converted it into the cover for a mini album to keep some of his precious photographs in. he has odd photos propped up on the dressing table that he likes to keep handy, a real mix of things, from him flying in the war, to his brother that is no longer with us, his old family home and Barney my dog! I covered two sheets of sturdy chipboard using sections of the map and wet glue spread with a foam spreader and then made the pages from some retro American crafts papers that are nice and thick and double sided. I bound it together using my BIA machine and trimmed the spine with ribbon. He was thrilled with it! How to turn something precious into something special to keep! Keep your eye out for old maps! They have some great ones in charity shops! TFLx

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Family Home double layout

I actually did a double layout yesterday as a bit of light relief after a hectic day at work. I don't normally tackle double layouts as I find them trickier, I don't know why! I suppose the design principle's apply but you want the pages to be balanced in their own right. I had some October afternoon weather vane paper I had been hanging on to and a few other bits and pieces from the lit it came in. I managed to find two pieces of Card stock the same colour that toned with it and off I went! The photographs are from the 1960's. The house where I was brought up, built in 1963 by my parents with a huge garden of 1/3rd of an acre that dad used to grow fruit and vegetables in! Not recognisable now, as the land surrounding them has been lost to housing but at the time they had a marvellous view of the river. I wanted to record how it used to be, down to the classic Austin 'A4o' car on the drive!
i used some machine stitching and I decoupaged the houses on the strips of October afternoon paper using foam pads. The ribbon is pleated and the vintage furniture label had some journaling on it but I will add more details. The chipboard picket fence has been sprayed using a Maya mist and an Iridescent one over the top. Studio Calico rip strips are also on here! I like the idea that the photo's are all different sizes too! TFLx
P.S. If you have not voted yet in the Scrapbook Apprentice competition, please do so! Time is running out and it is very close! I would love to be in for next month!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Last one!

Tomorrow is the last Scrap Your Day of the year! Shimelle has taken us through a whole year of photo's and scrapping and I for one have enjoyed the journey! In the middle, I began to get behind and found the day of photographing a chore, but when I converted to my pick of my months photo's as I have in the last couple of months, I enjoyed it again! I soon will have a complete album to look back on!

This month's photo fact sheet is tempting us to try digital scrapping! Not something I have been anxious to use, I prefer to stick to paper and get glue everywhere! However, I had heard my son going on about the site 'Picnik' where he alters his avatar picture for his msn etc so I thought I would have a go!

I just wanted to add an odd scroll and text title to my photo's so this will be perfect! I have also been playing with a free download of Serif photoplus, a free trial whereby you can alter colour photo's to retain one element of colour in a black and white background. (Not sure if I haven't mentioned this before!)

Very cool I think! Pop over to Rebekah's blog here and she tells you how to do it! It is quite simple!

So charge up your camera and get photographing first thing!!! Not easy for me as I am at school tomorrow, but I will give it a go! (Unless I forget again!!)

Just spent tonight in the craft room, completing a double layout using some old photos that I got printed at Photobox, that arrived this morning. Some old prints of the house where I grew up. This is only the second double layout I have ever attempted!! Not quite finished, but the silicone glue is drying, so I have not photographed it yet! I sent for some photo's using a special offer to get 60 free prints, some of which have not come out as well as I expected, with people's heads chopped off! Anyway, got plenty to go at for now! Lots in black and white too!

Finally, just had my last Cadbury's Roses chocolate, for today!!!!! Ha ha ha!! Present from mother's day! I moan about putting weight on, then sit here eating caramels and hazelnut whirls!!! TFLx

Monday, 23 March 2009

Scrapped my February day!!!!!

Just in time before scrap your day this month! I cannot believe it, but I shall have managed a whole year!!! When I set off during last year's Cybercrop, I wondered if I would keep it going and although I have faltered and missed the exact day a couple of times, it has evolved into my way of doing it! It was lead by Shimelle but has turned into a memento of each month. I bought a making memories calendar again this year when it was offered over on Studio Calico as a n add on and I intend to continue this idea, but scrapping a selection of photo's from each month of the year, not just one day. That way I will have a photographic record. Just March left to do and then I need to complete the front cover with index prints and the whole years album is done. this month's layout had a library card pocket to house extra photo's and some of the photo's had to be punched out with a circle for a change. I layered up some of the pics too with foam pads to add dimension. I even photographed our newly delivered brown wheelie bin! I was so excited to be able to recycle green waste without having to go to the tip every week!!
Got parents evenings this week so will not have much time for crafting!!! (Until Thursday!) Had a bit of a paper sort out the other day to see what I have got!!! It is approaching SC reveal night and I do so want an add on this month, but with the last two kits untouched so far I am not sure I can justify it!!! Will see how strong my resolve is! Got to fit in a trip to get my nails done this week, my mothers day treat and I am getting my hair cut before my nieces 21st at the weekend. Busy, busy! Hoping to get some photographs from Photobox tomorrow!! That may get me scrapping! TFLx

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mothers day!

I hope you are all having a lovely mother's day! I have just had my mum and dad to lunch with my sister and husband and father in law. We ate our lunch (courtesy of Nigella) and now we are feeling suitably tired and full!!! Mum loved her mothers day tag book and I had also made a scrapbook album for dad! Last week when I was tidying at their house, I came across part of an old sailing chart he was hanging on to that reminded him of his stay in France in 1949, he had come across it by chance. I brought it home and used it to cover a mount board cover and made it into a scrapbook album, using some American Crafts papers and my BIA machine. Only I forgot to photograph the finished item! Will have to get it back another day and take a picture!!! Made some cards using scraps from one of my Studio Calico kits. Combined the elements from the kit to make three different cards and use up my offcuts.
Completed a scrapbook for a friend to give to her sister for her 30th birthday. TFLx

Saturday, 21 March 2009

More Easter ideas!

Yesterday I was surfing the net and found this link that showed you how to make sock cupcakes with children's socks! This girl is so talented I love her stuff! I decided to modify it and make my own cupcakes using a combination of ankle socks and trainer socks in pastel colours, just like I used in my sock bouquet! Here are what I came up with so far! I added an egg to keep with my Easter theme. Some have a mini egg (foil wrapped) as a cherry on the top, some have a rabbit lolly in and some a creme egg inside! Wrapped in cellophane these will make great little Easter gifts!
I'm not saying they are easy and they do require some fiddling to get the look just right, but I think they look the part!

I mixed each one, so some have two pairs of ankle socks and a pair of trainer socks, some have two pairs of trainer socks and one pair of ankle socks and some have some fab pink lace 'footsies' to wear inside ballet pumps! All have one item of chocolate in too! Wrapped in spotted cellophane and tied with raffia, they make a great alternative gift for the figure conscious teenager! happy crafting!! TFLx

Friday, 20 March 2009

You have got to be in it to win it!!!

If you fancy winning a set of the Doodlebug papers I have been working with for the Scrapbook Apprentice competition, then head over to the Creativity Life Mag blog and become a follower and then you are in with a chance!!! You too could make projects using fizzing limeade and bubblegum pink with flocked papers and scrummy ribbon like my photos in the previous post!

Here's another sneak! And whilst you are there, don't forget to vote!!!! You may not get to see the whole thing!!!

You've got to be in it to win it is what I thought when I entered this comp, I just hope I can stay in!!!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Sneak peeks!!!

I've stitched ribbon, pleated ribbon, gathered ribbon, pintucked ribbon, threaded ribbon, laced ribbon, knotted ribbon, made ribbon flags and butterflies, ribbon petals, leaves nad flowers! Ive inked it, curled it, knotted it and tied it in bows! I think I am done with ribbon, for now!

Time for Scrapbook Apprentice sneak peeks!! You may not get to see the whole thing as I am not doing so well this month and I don't know why!! I really loved doing the house layout!!!! And those WRMK Nonsense papers were fab to work with!!! please consider voting for me if you think my work is was good last month!!! Vote here!
Ok, blatant grovelling is over here are the sneaks!!!
This month was a fizz of limeade and bubblegum with a bit of cupcake thrown in!! The zingy lime and sugary pink were a real wow combination!!! Doodlebug papers are fab! Flock was in there too!
The theme was to use ribbon in an original way and creative journaling as usual. The brief was also not to use any additional items other than tools. We had to make one additional item which could be anything and I chose to alter something!
Here I've bowled a googlie and gone all monochromatic!!!

Can you guess what it is yet???? Lol!!

If you want to see more please vote, vote, vote to keep me in!!!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Flowers with a difference!!

Here are the results of my labours with all those socks I bought yesterday and a few more kebab sticks!!!! I think I must have cornered the market in the use of kebab sticks!! I made rosebuds out of pairs of socks. I decided to mix the colours of each pair to make them more interesting! I interspersed the roses with a few choocy egg blooms and a chocolate bunny for effect. for the figure conscious teenager I think this will fit the bill! Happy Easter!!
I seem to be doing anything but scrapping at the moment!!! trying to fufil orders and make things for my shop! Hopefully I will get to scrap one day soon! When I do scrapbook it has to be secret for the Scrapbook Apprentice!!! Roll on Easter! All I need is more time!!! TFLx

Monday, 16 March 2009

Flower pot

The flowerpot for the daffodils I made yesterday was made from a piece of Bazzill card in a red/terracotta colour. I wrapped it around the metal bucket I bought to get the tapered shape and then secured it. I trimmed it level at the top and trimmed about one inch below the depth of the pot I wanted at the bottom. To make the base secure i punched out two circles of scrap card. I place on on top of a bottle that I wanted to use to form my pot over. I spread this one with glue.

I cut some tabs all around the lower edge of the flowerpot and bent them over. using glue stick, I formed this over my bottle and stuck each tab to the circular base of card. I then covered the whole thing with a second circle of card to make it secure.To make the top lip of the plant pot I cut a narrow strip of terracotta card and inked it along both edges with brown ink. using foam tape, I placed a strip around the top edge of the flowerpot, around the rim. Because of the slight taper to the flowerpot you do need to crease the tape in places slightly but this unevenness can be inked later as cracks, adding depth.
Stick the strip of card that you inked to the foam tape and ink the top edge again. Ink any ridges that form and highlight them as cracks.
use creme eggs and mars eggs etc to weight the flowerpot down, add in a few handmade daffodils and then fill up the gaps with mini eggs. Tie some raffia around the pot and add a tag if desired. TFL x
P.S. Please post a comment and link to any of these ideas if you make them, I would love to see them! Thanks x