Sunday, 31 May 2009

I'm as bad as the kids!

Here I am on the last official day of the holidays, with all my work to do!! I have been at it all day and am still here now! Will I ever learn? We have had another great day weather wise and i even managed to sneak a little play with my camera when i was having a cup of tea outside this evening! I saw a robin singing in a tree so grabbed my camera and by the time i returned he had gone, so Barney had to pose instead, with his chewy bone! I got some great shots! Love the first one and the one with his tongue hanging out!! He certainly enjoys it! I just worry about his teeth now he's old! There's definitely some shots to scrap here!! Right, off to bed, may get some crafting done tomorrow! TFL x

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Second attempt!

I scrapped my sons photo from his prom, at the second attempt. My first attempt was making me unhappy, so I took it apart and remade it again using kraft cardstock instead of coloured!
I decided to watercolour the Jenni Bowlin paper with roses and birds, using my watercolour pencils and waterbrush. The circle of paper was cut and then edged using my corner rounding punch to give a scallop. The chipboard bird was inked with a Maya mist in brown and then irridescent over the top.
I decided to do the journaling all around the edge as a border. A few fortune cookies, cut from the backing paper add subtitles. The stamens inside the roses are done with Opal pearly doodles.

Friday, 29 May 2009

'B.Ed Home Ec' That's me!

Well that's a phrase you don't hear anymore, Home Economics! That was what I took my teaching degree in all those years ago and here we are 27 years later watching Kirsty's Homemade home, where she is trying to get us all to re-discover what we knew all those years ago! We have bred a generation of youngsters who cannot cook or sew because the subject of Home Economics was removed from the curriculum and now we wonder why the young people of today exist on fast food????? I ask you!!!! I taught for 10 years in a large comprehensive school, prior to having the boys. My favourite area was textiles, but I taught food and childcare too. I had a break to bring up my own children and when I came to go back, the subject of Home Economics had been removed from most schools, so I had to go and re-train to juniors!
Scrapping these old snapshots of my degree finals textiles exhibition has brought it all back! Why do we change things??? Ostensibly for the better, but actually for the worse! I am launching a campaign to bring back sewing!!
Recently there has been an interest in Sewing Machines and they are popping up in several places, mostly being bought for sewing on paper!!! But why not sew on fabric?? It's not hard! When I made a costume for DS2's dance show last week, I took some photo's step by step, of how to get started and I will be sharing them with you along with a set of tutorials called "How to pass the sewing machine driving test!" over the next few weeks.In the mean time, here is the layout that got me thinking!! I am in the centre in the white dress!! Just love this Studio Calico kit! As the calendar page on the layout says "Do something creative everyday!" TFLx

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Silver medals and all!

Well, today was the last day of the dance festival for DS2 and he just got a silver medal!! Yay! We have had a great day today, I shopped 'til I dropped with DS2 this morning, summer clothes for him, flip flops, danger mouse t shirt and shorts and all, as he has grown soooooo much since last year!!! At least a foot!!! Ate lunch out with him at Debenhams, then returned home to pick up his costume for the festival and pick up hubby. We dropped J off and then hubby and I made a rash decision to eat out! Well, it is my week off, so we stopped off at Chiquito's and had half a beer with a burger each and then popped into 'Next' to buy shorts, plimsolls and a Star wars T shirt for DS1! I can't remember the last time I bought things for them like that and they were so delighted! I spent a fortune today, but none of it was for me!!! Lol! Well apart from my early morning splurge overseas!!!! So, no crafting for me today!
Here is a layout I did yesterday, starting my "Garment District" kit from Studio Calico from march! I am nearly caught up with my papers now! These papers are going to be perfect for scrapping some photo's I found of my Textiles exhibition from my degree back in 1982! Dad fortunately took photo's at the time otherwise I would have no record and although they are only snaps, these papers are perfect! I did two layouts last night. This one is some of my embroidery work and I have left the journaling blank until I can find the names and grades of the units of work I did, I have them somewhere I think! Buttons and embroidery complete the sewing look to this page, along with two stick pins in the Fabric thickers pincushion and some rub ons that look like embroidery too. The smaller photo is raised on 3D foam pads to add depth. Just love these retro papers and the "Fabrip" strips. I'm not sure it is finished yet, I think I may still add more. The other one I will share tomorrow!. TFLx

I did it!

I was up at 5am to snag my add on's over at Studio Calico! Thank goodness! Cherry Pop sold out already!!! I got Rootbeer float too! Just love those Cosmo Papers! Ok can go back to bed now!!! Catch you all later with another post!!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Cork Mini Album

Here is the mini book I made yesterday, I finally made myself use my October afternoon papers that I have been hoarding as one of my favourites sets ever!! Photo's are still taken with my old camera as I have not had time to work out my new one yet and the file sizes are too big!! Putting that on my "to do" list for today! The front cover of this book is covered with some sticky back fabric from "Love Elsie" another treasure I have been hoarding! What is it with us scrappers, that we find it impossible to cut into our favourite pieces of paper???

The book is completed with my BIA and some ribbons and tags on the spine and I am deciding whether or not put it in my Etsy shop as I love it!!!

Here is a mini album I made with some left overs! I used the cork coasters I bought in Germany for the front and back covers, strengthened with card (using PVA.) I decided to laminate the pages of this book for a change as I had the laminator out! Punched holes using the Big Bite. Just needs some ribbon on the book ring! Not sure what I will use this for, but love the texture of the cork covers for a change! Maybe this one will make it into my Etsy shop!
I redid a layout last night, that doesn't happen very often, but I was not happy with it. Partly because I smudged the pearly doodles before they were dry!!! I always forget! Anyway I am much happier with it! I will post that tomorrow. Also I broke open my favourite "Garment district" Studio Calico kit!! Another one I have been stroking! I had the photo's from my degree Textiles exhibition printed up from 1982 (not brill quality, but at least it is a record! Thanks to dad!) and I was having a trip down memory lane! I got two layouts finished with that. yellow and aqua are not my colours normally, but I love it! I shall be up at 5am tomorrow for the next kit reveal that's for sure! just my thing! An add on or two are bound to find their way into my basket!! TFlx

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Just been reading up on Wikipediea about Mafeking, when I cam across this photo of dad during WW2, I knew the relief of Mafeking was significant in the Boer War, but did not know why! Everyone's heard the phrase "Mafeking has been relieved" but did not know it was associated with Baden Powell (of scouting fame) and that's what made him a household name before he returned to England! You see what scrapping does?? It broadens your knowledge!! Anyway, yet another layout of heritage photo's done using my little aeroplane add on from my SC kit! Got an early morning this week for the next kit reveal, as I need to get my hands on an add on or two and have been selling unused stash on UKs in readiness! Recycling your unwanted stash is a great way to make funds for new!
Have you heard of the blog called "scrap your crap?" where you are encouraged to use up things you have had for ages? Well I'm thinking of starting "Scrap your tat!" (sorry but I just don't like the word "crap") I am just like all of you and have drawers full of things I just had to buy and have never used!! Well, today may just turn into project one of Scrap Your Tat! I will find something and use it up and post it later (hopefully!)
I am thinking of some MDF coasters I bought from UKs Marketplace and have not used one yet!!

Another job I need to plan is the making of layout easels. I have bought the wood to make some as I had lots of people ask me about mine that I bought in Germany! If I am successful this week, they will be appearing in my Etsy shop! (After I find hubby's saw and drill and wood glue and mitre box etc etc etc!!)
Update! Quite a productive day! 6 coasters a mini album and two layouts!!

P.S. How to make them is in a post back here!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Cath Kidston fan!

I hold my hand up and have to admit I am a BIG Cath Kidston fan! her fabrics are just me! A few weeks ago I told you all I had been on a shopping trip to York and of course just had to go into the Cath Kidston shop! I just loved their display system!I have a whole layout planned around this trip, when my photo's arrive, but needless to say I did not come out of this shop empty handed! fabric is my weakness, so I had a little splurge, but also picked up a set of notepaper and envelopes and a little french knitting doll from my youth! (More to follow about that in another post!)

A while ago, I bought some children's board books from a charity shop for 50p and stripped off the outer layers to reveal the naked chipboard. I decided to make a mini album combining lots of my favourite things, including the fabric. I stitched around the first chipboard page to make a cover out of fabric. I then trimmed close to the stitching with pinking shears. The other pages were all made up from a combination of the writing papers I bought, mixed with pieces of the lightweight cotton fabric and some postcards too! I had to add some of my vintage elements, so I decided that a page or two from an Enid Blyton book and some old happy families cards would fit the bill! I decided to have some see through pages in this album too. When in France last year, I bought a couple of sheets of thick plastic that is used in photo frames instead of glass. It was in the hardware store and it said you could cut to size using a craft knife. I wondered if it would go through the BIA as it was not too thick so I gave it a try. It did crack a bit, so I had an experiment to lightly warm it first using my hair dryer (Thought the heat gun might be too fierce!) It worked a dream! Don't heat it too much, or it bends! And make sure you heat it from both sides alternately. Having read a piece recently in a magazine, about using your laminator, I decided to make some pockets filled with bits and pieces! Playing cards, fabric, old snippets from magazines and music. Combining all these elements then into one book has given me just the feel I wanted! Did you notice how I strengthened the spine of the envelope pages and postcard pages, by making a sandwich of fabric and card, so the BIA holes would not tear out. After binding, with the largest BIA wire I had (Had to leave two of my pages out!!!) I decorated the wire spine with strips of fabric cut with pinking shears and made a decorative flower for the front with strips of fabric and a retro button on the top. Ink up the edges and you're all done! Add a few luggage labels to the pockets and even the till receipt holder got used as pull tags! I waste nothing! Liked it so much, off to make another in pink! Can't show you any more just at the moment!! ;)

P.S. I now have Cath Kidston wrapping paper!!! Oh joy! What can I make with that!! TFLx

Sunday, 24 May 2009

More Aeroplanes!

Here are some photo's of my father in law when he was part of the RAF during the war, working as ground crew on Lancaster Bombers up in Inverness. Again I decided to make a double layout for the three pictures and used the little aeroplane stamp again. A trail of buttons from it are a cute accent! The pleated, stitched ribbon and the smooth satin ribbon also add texture. Dimension is achieved with chipboard and 3D elements. I have left the journaling spot blank until I check exactly the time and place of the shots next time I see father in law! All scrapped with my Studio Calico add on that I won in the National Scrapbook Day competition over on their blog! Thanks Scarlet!!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Flying Machines double layout

I have always shied away from double layouts, but have had a few photo's recently that warranted an attempt! Tonight I decided to tackle some prints I had of dad learning to fly during the war and used my Studio Calico add on that I won that included the lovely little aeroplane stamp, perfect! Dad learned to fly in a "Tiger Moth." I also had some RAF pics of FIL to scrap too, so tonight I have done two double layouts and a single! It's amazing what you can get done when you have the house to yourself!!! All my chaps were out, so it was just me and Barney!!Added some machine embroidery stitching and pleated the ribbon and stitched it in place. I love how the two pages join together to tell the story. One of my pages has half the title and the other does too. I worked on them together as one page and tried to balance the whole design. The journaling is on a tag hidden behind one of the photo's. Will share the Double Layout of FIL tomorrow night! TFLx

Friday, 22 May 2009

What a weird feeling!

I now only have one son at school, the other one just left today!! Here he is at prom night tonight! He had two exams today and announced at lunch that he needed a white shirt and black tie so he could match his girlfriend's outfit!!! Boys!!! Thought I had done well getting his suit trousers taken in and picked them up from the dry cleaners yesterday. Anyway, they both look fab! They have been going out 6 months now and she is very good for him! They make a lovely couple!
I cannot believe that he is leaving and going to Uni hopefully in September. A lovely photo to scrap anyway! Maybe Ill get in the craft room tonight????

Thursday, 21 May 2009

So where did today go????

My first day off and not a scrap of crafting done all day!! Promised myself some scrap time tomorrow, after I've done the washing and ironing!!! Lol! I have spent today packaging up things I sold on the UKs marketplace, after my craft room tidy up!!! I arrived at the Post office with two huge bags of parcels and you could see people visibly heave a sigh of despair when they saw me in the queue!! The worst nightmare! An eBay person holding up the whole queue! Of course every grey haired pensioner thinks the post office is solely for their use!!! Lol!

We have had a mixture of sunshine and heavy downpours again today. Managed to get Barney out first thing but between the downpours I have had Green Thumb put a feed and weed on the lawn - which will have been washed away as the rain was bouncing! And the Window cleaners!!?? I ask you?? On a day like this??? Managed to photograph and list more stuff on eBay so my stash buying power, for the next Studio Calico reveal, should be assured!!

Tomorrow I am determined to get in that craft room with my latest batch of photo's from Photobox and rip through a couple of my kits!!!

Maybe some of these Bluebells might get scrapped!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

My stash came!

Well stalking the postman certainly worked, as my Studio Calico kit came and my prize from National Scrapbooking day and my O wires I ordered from Craftz Boutique - beautifully wrapped! and my new printer cartridge! I have just unpacked my goodies after being at the pub for tea! I completely forgot that i had said I would meet the girls for tea for my birthday and cooked a chilli for tea, sat down and started eating it and then remembered! Shot upstairs got ready and went to the pub within fifteen minutes, ordered a meal and ate out! Obviously my age is catching up with me! I am forgetting things!

Today was my last day at work before the holidays, so managed to complete what I needed to before half term and can relax for a bit!

Tomorrow is DS1's last day of school! He has two exams Friday and the prom on Friday night and that is him finished at school for good! A level exams in June but, that's him finished! Must not forget to pick his suit trousers up from the dry cleaners!!!

Been using my laminator to make clear pages containing old playing cards and scraps of paper and material. A see through album with a twist, that photos can be glued on to! Have laminated all sorts of things! I inserted a strip of card where I want to punch the holes with the BIA to strengthen that part, so the holes don't crack open and split.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Did you think I had disappeared?

I have a birthday and then I disappear off the face of the earth! I don't remember missing so many postings!!! I have an excuse! I have been having a scrap room clear out! Inspired partly by Sue Bubbles, I decided to get in there and get cracking at the weekend to make room for some new stash I hope to be ordering!!!! It started with me needing some new storage, so I went shopping on Saturday and came home with some 12x12 plastic drawers from 'Instore.' I decided they were not big enough for my needs, so I swapped them with DS2's storage of large wire baskets from IKEA, but in order to do this I had to do a major sort out of his wardrobe and donations to school, charity and stuff for ebay were all dutifully categorised! Then I had to tackle the scrap room and remove lots of costumes into DS2's wardrobe to free up space for the storage rack. This spare room I call the scrap room has been doubling as a costume storage room as well as a spare bedroom, but I have designs on getting rid of the single bed as nobody ever uses it!! I had lots of stuff stored underneath it so they were the next set of boxes to be sorted! I now have lots of things for sale (craft wise) over on the UKs marketplace and so far have made a few pounds which I can spend on new stash! I love this craft recycling!!!

Sunday night we went to the theatre to see DS2 in his annual dance show and even though I am his mum, I have to say he was fab! I felt guilty moaning about all the expense and the time and the taxi to and from dance class and sat there brimming with pride! Sometimes I have that bad mum feeling when there is so much to do and dance increases the pressure and then other times I hate myself for going on at him each time he needs a cheque or a lift or something! I am very lucky to have a 15 year old who dances with a whole troupe of girls - (he is the only boy at his dance school now) and he stood there and did a speech about why he dances and how long he has been doing it and what he wants to do in the future and I was proud.

I have been so stressed about work this week, dance shows and DS1's A levels just pile on the pressure! Next week is the Hull dance festival and he has 3 solo's to perform, so it wont be a holiday, but I'm sure he will be giving it his all! watch this space! Need to go for extra rehearsal in the school hall tomorrow after work! You see? It starts again!! Tonight he is revising for a GCSE tomorrow and he takes it all in his stride!

Anyway, I need to stop rambling!! I have not had time to use my new camera yet! I even forgot to take pictures of the craft room clear out! I can show you the after, but not the before!!

I had an observed lesson today by the head teacher and was really looking forward to having my new Studio Calico kit waiting for me when I got home, but nothing!!!! I think it is being held hostage! No prize either from SC! I think it's a conspiracy! TFLx
P.S. The only bit of crafting I did all weekend was a mini album of my friends son's 18th party and I gave it to her without photographing it! Duh!!!!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Pizza Express Yumminess!

Hubby and I - me sporting my glasses so I can read the menu! DS2 and I - comparing notes on our sweetcourse choice before we even start the mains!!xx

Friday, 15 May 2009

Happy, Happy birthday!!

Look what I got!!!!!! I am one happy bunny! As you know, I have been having issues with my little compact camera and so hubby bought me this for my birthday today!!! yay!!!
I have been reading the brochure and I have the battery on charge! I can't wait to have a play! It is bigger than my other one, but still lightweight and has a lot more features on, including manual focus! I have no excuse now for not having brilliant, in focus shots!!! I just need help learning it all! Kirsty, if you're out there, I think one of your 1:1 sessions needs to be booked with my birthday money right away!!! LOL! So far, I have attached the strap and the lense cover!!! That's all!
The weather, to say the least is inclement! Well, actually, raining cats and dogs would be more like it!!!! Barney took one look outside the door and ran back in giving me that "as if !!!!" look on his face!!!!! I have to wait in for the cooker man between 10 and 11 with my third set of hinges for the oven door and then out to lunch with my friend for a sandwich in town and then down to M&S to buy a cake! I know, "buy" a cake is not usual for me, but yesterday i was out at Trafford centre all day and today the oven man may be here to take the door off, so I dare not start baking!!! Hubby is in a RNLI charity golf day today and having an evening meal after as he is taking over the chairmanship so my sister took pity on me and has invited me for tea with mum and dad! We are having a family meal tomorrow night at Pizza Express, so I'm happy! This weekend is DS2's dance show at the theatre too so I am bust taking to rehearsals tomorrow and then watching him on Sunday, so before I know it the weekend will be over!
Hoping my Studio Calico kit may come today, if I'm lucky!! Sold some of DS2's trainers on ebay so I may be able to have an add on next month! Yay!
Trafford centre was great yesterday, I was very restrained and bought a Tankini for my summer hols and some wrapping paper from Cath Kidston - where else!!!! We had a great lunch in Cafe Rouge and a coffee in M&S and some laughs on the way there and back so a nice birthday treat for me! Must go back there sometime, although it was 2 hours from here :(
Right enough of this, off to see if my battery is fully charged yet! Bye!!!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Another layout using my Studio Calico January kit - 'Bibliography.' An old photo of my sister and I when we took a trip to France in her mini 1000cc! I was in my first year at Uni and she was in her last! We went to visit the town where she had lived for her year in France and took a day trip to Paris I remember! We darted into the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa and having queued up ages I was so disappointed to find it was so small!!!!!!! And behind ropes and barriers!! I don't know why I imagined it would be big!!! Anyway, there are very few pictures of me at this age, so although the quality is not good, I decided to scrap it anyway! The flower embellishment is very chunky and 3D. The chipboard buttons are sprayed with Maya Mist in brown. A few American Crafts remarks rub ons in brown add a few accents and then some of the Basic Grey paper has been cut out and layered using 3D foam pads. A row of machine stitching down each side adds some texture! Still not sure about this kit! I have to say it has not been one of my favourites! I am not an orange person!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

So who remembers this?

Whilst in the fabulous Cath Kidston shop in York, I spied one of these 'French knitting' dolls and went right back to my youth! I just had to buy it! I had some crazy idea that I may use it on a layout somehow, but really I wanted to see if it was just how I remembered! For a bit of fun, I took it to mum and dads on dads birthday and as soon as he saw it my dad was reminiscing about this "knitting Nancy" as it was known in his day and how he had been given one when he was in the isolation hospital, with Diptheria and had knitted a piece so long it went out of the ward door!! Another piece of information I had no idea about!!! I knew he had had Diptheria and been very seriously ill in hospital for a long, long time, but the knitting Nancy toy was a whole new memory I sparked! I remember having one of these, painted in black red and pink to look like a person. I remember knitting with it, but I never actually did anything with the length of knitting I produced.
True to form, the health and safety police have got hold of this and it is now supplied with the bluntest tool possible that makes it impossible to hook the yarns over the pins! How we survived our youth I will never know! When I did this as a child we had a metal spike tool on a handle!! Needless to say I had to go and find a large bodkin to be able to do it at all!!!!! The youth of today are so mollycoddled!!! (Is that how you spell it???) Anyway, having rediscovered my 1970's flower loom last week, I am rediscovering french knitting this week! What will it be next? Pom-pom pets????!!! I am going to have a go at doing this with ribbon! Watch this space!
If you remember this, even if it was just a wooden cotton reel with four carpet tacks in, please leave me a comment! if you are too young to remember this, please don't tell me!!!! I feel old enough as it is!!!! LOL! Funny how they bring back all the old things! TFLx
P.S. How come when I spell check each blog entry I have always spelt remember with one too few "m"s!! I must have a typing block when it comes to that word.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Clear Stamp Storage and kit catalogue

A while ago I organised my wooden mounted stamps in a frame my sister gave me for Christmas, bought in France. I had started to reorganise my clear stamps, here, into an American Crafts ring binder album, but never completed it! Last week for national Scrapbooking day, there were several challenges over on Studio Calico, one of which was an organisational challenge. I decided to go ahead and finish this album off. Every piece of Studio Calico is precious to me, including all the beautiful cards that are sent, usually one in each kit and the stickers that hold the paper bags closed and I save every element. This cover gave me the perfect opportunity to use them in a way that means I can see them every day! I need to collect a few more to finish off the inside covers, but so far I have done the outside easily! I hand cut and mounted a lady in 3D on the front and added a chipboard button sprayed with Maya mist to complete. Ink the edges with an ink pad. This little number earned me a prize! An add on I had been hanging my nose over last month but had been good and not purchased!!! I soooooo wanted that little aeroplane stamp remember? To scrap some pics of my dad and his plane during the war! The photo's are ready to go! Just awaiting the delivery of my prize!
I also complete my paper bag book of kits, as a reference album. So here is Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec and Jan, plus a few extra Studio Calico cards and journaling labels!!! I just love it all. I need to start the next book as I have three kits already that are not catalogued! Even the paper bag book is made from one of the Studio Calico bags that the kit comes in! Am I a fanatic or what???!!! Lol!

Sunday, 10 May 2009


Here is a project I completed, using an MDF door hanger. I painted the edges with an acrylic paint dabber and then covered both sides with patterned papers. I added a cream rub on over the top on one side and some brown rub ons on the other. The Busy sign was made from a chipboard shape covered in patterned paper and ribbon threaded through the slot and stitched. The large flower embellishment was made using my old 1960's flower loom and some paper string I bought in Germany. You wind the string around the loom and then stitch it in the centre to secure it. Not used that for years! fabric rip strips from Studio Calico, some Prima flowers, buttons and a few dew drops complete the decoration. Just need to make a few different ones now for my craft sale.