Sunday, 3 January 2010

10 reasons you know it's New Year

1. The house looks bigger now you took down the tree and decorations ( but just noticed the party popper streamers on the central light fitting!) and the vacumn cleaner is full of pine needles!
2. There are piles of presents on the stairs to find new homes for
3. You are moving the Christmas cake from place to place to find a home for it for the next three months
4. You are relieved it's all over
5. You are debating whether to join Weight watchers or Slimming World
6. There is a pile of chocolates and sweets on the dresser stalking you
7. There is a sudden urgency to recycle the glass, so you don't feel so bad about the quantity you have emptied!
8. The wheelie bin is overflowing because the council decided to miss a week's collection in the week when you have more trash than ever!
9. You long for a take away as you are fed up of lots of big meals and buffet fodder!
10. You have already written the date wrong three times because of the year!!!
A full day crafting ahead! Will update you later! The boys are off to watch football, I have a day of freedom! Well half a day now I have been on here for ages! TFLx


Rosemary said...

I can agree with all those on your list, enjoy your crafting day.

SusieJ said...

If your boys were at Old Trafford- well done to Leeds (they have broken my heart).
Your 10 reasons are sooo true - we gave in to the takeaway urge on Weds.!
Sue xx