Saturday, 16 January 2010

A little beauty!

My desktop is quite old and I am hanging on to it as I am a Windows XP girl, but I have been having a few problems recently with infamous blue screen and began to wonder whether this could be the beginning of the end! So I have invested in an external hard drive and hope that by transferring a lot of the bulk on to it, it may give my PC a whole new lease of life! I have always backed up my photo's to disc and my work stuff to a pen drive (I was caught out once before you see!) But this time I decided I needed to back up the lot. In about 40 mins last night, (I just set it going and walked away!) it was all safely transferred to this little beauty and now I can go ahead and do a disk clean up and defrag and my PC should be a whole lot quicker too! TFLx


sue-bubbles said...

Im with you on this CC as I had a scare recently after multiple power cuts sent our pc all wobbly! I bought a 4gb memory stick and am gradually transferring all my photos onto my lappy - but the plan is to do as you have done - get an external hard drive asap! We have to keep our photos safe eh!

Hope you are feeling a lot better today CC!
Sue x

SusieJ said...

Great idea CC!
Sue xx
p.s. hope you're feeling a little better today - just take things slowly.