Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Looking on the bright side

Well, yesterday goes straight in at number two, in my "Top five worst days since my operation," the night after my op holding the number one slot, since I wanted to die!!
Interesting things I have noticed so far;
My eyesight has gone rubbish since the operation - can't read anything without glasses
Parachute pants at least two sizes too large are must
There is no limit to how much gas the body can absorb during an operation (don't come near me with a pin, I may fizz off into the distance like a burst balloon!)
Anti-embolism stockings are not a good look (and very hot too!)
You don't realise how many muscles are involved in just standing up and sitting down
So far, I have done one jigsaw and read three chick lit novels!! This time last week I was under general anaesthetic having the op, so I suppose it is not bad considering! Barney can't understand why he is not allowed to sit on my knee and wonders why that pillow is getting all the hugs!
Good news yesterday, my Studio Calico January kit arrived. That has to go down as world record time!!! The down side was having to get hubby to unpack it with me as I am not allowed to lift! Eyebrows were raised!! I did say what a bargain all the papers I had bought in the sale were 50% off!!
The snow has almost all gone now. Hubby was able to take DS1 back to Uni on Sunday. I may be able to venture for a walk outside at some point. It is very hard to have a ten minute walk in the house!
Photo is of some fabulous flowers I was given, aren't they just gorgeous??? There has to be an upside of the situation! TFLx


SusieJ said...

Gorgeous flowers CC.
Cyber hugs for you and Barney.
Sparkles for a speedy recovery.
Sue xx

Heather said...

aaawwww hope you feel better about things soon! My mum had the same problem with her eyesight (and poor memory too) after having anaesthetic & apparently it can stay in your body for up to 12 months! Take it steady xx

jackie(worcs) said...

Very pretty flowers.*sparkles* for you.
Jackie:-) x

CoventryAnn said...

Lovely flowers, worth a LO surely! Hope you feel better soon (and no naked flames with all that gas about!)

Anonymous said...

Yes....a deffinite down-side is the wind you get after the op.
No-one warned me of this - I thought I was having the op all over again but with more pain.

A beautiful bouquet....Mgt.x

sue-bubbles said...

Healing hugs for you CC! Are you still having to wear those stockings??? I remember struggling to get the darned things off in the middle of one night in the hospital - just before I wandered off down the corridor to get some cool air and peace from the shrieking - and not one nurse came to find me! They are SO uncomfortable but I suppose you have to wait until you are more mobile before you are rid of them? Perhaps you could give yourself an hour or so stocking-free each day - a real treat and Im sure it wouldnt do any harm?
Gentle hugs CC, Sue x

tartantaz said...

Fantastic flowers CC. It certainly does take time to heal from an operation. So here is wishing you a speedy recovery. And sparkles for Barney who cleary doesnt know whats going on lol

T x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

sorry to hear you're in so much pain and discomfort CC, and hope it gets sorted soon...

sending you tons of sparkles...

maria x

mrs tsv said...

beautiful flowers cc, i use to take my stockings off for an hour here and there, they were so tight and hot. your bad day sounds like my regular day, without the wind lol. its amazing the amount of muscles we use for the basic thing like sitting and standing. hurts on the way up and hurts on the way down. it will be over pretty soon and you will be running around again in true cc fashion.
take things easy cc, you cant rush these things. lots and lots of sparkles for you.
gina xxxxxxxx