Thursday, 7 January 2010

No title!

This does not often happen to me, but so far I have not come up with a title for this layout! I know where it will go though, across the top of the picture!
When DS1 was little I did have an interest in photography and bought a black and white film for my camera (no digital or photo editing programmes back then! Did not even own a computer! Wow!) Out of the 36 photo's this was the one I liked the best and it has been on the mantlepiece ever since! He looks so angelic, sitting in our bed, but in fact we did not have a full night's sleep for four years after he was born! We sometimes used to wake up and he was there between us and we did not know when he had arrived in the night! Lol! The day we moved house, he started sleeping all night and that is what made me begin to wonder about Feng Shui! Used my new EK success border punch on the edge of the paper here. Any title ideas anyone??TFLx


Crafty Dawn said...

Hi Happy New Year (when can I stop saying that?) lol, like the LO I am going to go through a few old mags to get som inspiration I have printed off som colour 6x4 at Asda would love to learn how to play with photos on the computer so I could be more versitile.

You did such a good job of the sewing why not do something like photo scrapbooking you are very good at this sort of thing. (any way leave you with that thought lol)

Love Dawn xx

SusieJ said...

Sleepless in ...?
Great photo and another stunning LO.
Sue xx

Anonymous said...

I love the line of Monsters down the RH side of this LO.
An idea for a title.....'All Through the Night' maybe...Mgt.x