Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Charity cards for Haiti

I have used the HOTP "Dazzles" kit I received from my Scrapbooker of the Year runner up prize, from Scrapbook Magazine, to make some charity cards for a friend who is selling them at her church, for relief in Haiti. I have made a few as samples, but she is having a cardmaking session at her house for people to come along and make, so I have cut the rest up and  made card kits for her.
"Peel offs???" I hear you cry!!! Yes, I am not a 'peel off' person, but these will be fine for people to make as they are all included in the kit, including the little instruction, so for people who have not crafted before, that will work well.
I went back to the hospital yesterday for my check up after my operation and the specialist is very pleased with my progress, so that is good news. He hopes I will continue to improve at this pace over the next couple of weeks and I should be about ready for work again.
Monday, we did a little light shopping as hubby wanted to get a new suit, so I managed to struggle into "the works" and buy a few things whilst I was waiting! I bought some Rabbit printed cellophane bags and coloured tissue paper, and coloured straw for some Easter ideas. I also got two sheets of canvas for the printer and 10 small watercolour canvases that are going to make fab mini book covers (I hope) for the BIA machine! 10 for £1.99, what a bargain!
I did go in the Paper Mill shop and came out without anything!!! I must have lost my touch!! Lol! TFLx

P.S. I have switched to a different mode of posting on blogger, to make uploading photo's easier, unfortunately it does not seem to have spell checker!! I type so fast, there are always loads of errors, I apologise in advance if quantity of typo's increases!!


SusieJ said...

Great idea for the card kit and for such a good cause too.
Sue xx

tea_bag said...

Wow now you make peel off look good fab cards, Glad your checkup went well and you manged to get a little light shopping done Also glad Im not the only one who makes typo,s hugs alma xx

Sandra said...

I'm too busy looking at all your gorgeous work to ever bother about spelling errors :) ... plus, I can't spell, so I wouldn't know if you had spelt something wrong or not LOL. Glad you got your self a little something too while out shopping. Good news you're on the mend too :)