Tuesday, 2 February 2010

It's taking me ages......

...to make and upload these craft video tutorials and then when I go to give them a title it disappears!!! So you can either have a craft video and no title or a title for you to see if it is worth coming over here, but no craft video!! Either my brain has been fuzzed by this operation or I am just not getting it!!! I will persevere! Needless to say if you see a post come up without a title, you can be sure it is a little craft video!!! Worth checking it out!!! Lol!
My mum has been trying to buy crochet hooks and has been all over the county without success to try and start the hat in the "Let's Crochet" magazine. I got her some online and arranged to have them delivered to her address and they have turned up here this morning!! Duh! Told you the brain had gone!!
Spent a little time in the craft room last night making a start on a mini album. Will share in due course! TFLx
P.S. Please check out the slideshow of the fat book sent to me by the ladies from the do-craft forum!

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