Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Perfect pancakes!

Even Barney gets to partake in perfect pancakes! Actually I nearly forgot to make them! Just happened to hear it on the radio as I was making tea! Phew! Just in time!
When our old dog a home had the last bit of mixture, not enough to make a whole pancake, we called it a "Suky" pancake in her honour. It is still called a Suky pancake, just so we don't forget to share the last drop! (No sugar and lemon juice for him though!) No doubt these pics will find their way on to a layout somewhere!!
Happy pancake day! TFlx


SusieJ said...

Lucky Barney! We're having pancakes tomorrow (I did remember but had more pressing things - like Champions League football).
Sue xx

sue-bubbles said...

Thats a lovely looking pancake you made there CC! We forgot, but then quite late, Dad remembered so out he trotted to the kitchen to contend with the shake in a bottle thing...and oh dear, I was presented with a sugary, lemony blob which I really should have photographed but didnt - I was too busy attempting to eat the half raw, too sweet (even for me) goop so that I didnt offend him....he, of course, blamed the frying pan!
Its round your house next year! lol!
Sue x

Sandra said...

It's wonderful that the whole family can enjoy pancakes LOL. I must admit, we enjoyed ours yesterday evening, so I'll probably make some more tonight too.