Thursday, 18 February 2010

Scrap room antics! My desk.

This post is for Sandra, who left a comment the other week, asking to see more of my desk!! As it is relatively tidy at the moment, I thought I could share it with you! I craft in the small bedroom upstairs, which I have claimed as my own!! The desk itself was a birthday gift from hubby a couple of years ago, when I decided the one I was managing on just was not big enough! It is from IKEA of course, where would us crafters be without IKEA!
It is constantly evolving and like most of us I am always trying to improve my storage system! Most of the boxes you can see are wine boxes that I have covered in Scrap paper, apart from the new one in the centre, which is a wooden seed box my sister gave me for Christmas, that she had bought in France. (She knows exactly what I like!)
On the slide out portion of the desk I have my MIL's old typewriter at the moment, God rest her soul, I am in a typing journaling phase. I had to laugh at DS2 the other day when he came in and said 'How does it work?' He proceeded to have a go and declared it far too tough to press the keys! I pointed out to him that his grandma had been a Secretary in the fifties, using one of these and had to manually set out letters and make carbon copies and he  said 'How do you erase a mistake?' To which I replied, you start again!!!! He was horrified! Oh the modern age!! I now fully understand why at the age of 78 mum finds computer keyboards too light and often ends up with several of one letter in the middle of a word as she is still touch typing! Anyway, as ususal, I digress, but I think that typewriter will find its way on to a layout with DS2's quotes at some point!
Back to the room, I also have my "Aldi" guillotine on this portion of the desk too.
Now we have the main part of the desk. On the right I have another wine box with adhesives and staplers in, with an old mug tree from the charity shop that holds my reels of DST. (I have tried a Herma dispenser, but it is always jammed!!!! I give up!) There are two pen pots to the right too, one contains my pliers and cropadile etc and one contains my paint brushes. To the left of the box of glues, there are two more pen pots, one is a vintage french jam jar containing my scissors, pens, files, knife etc and one is a small teracotta yog pot from France, with small tools like tweezers, pokey tool and rub on sticks in it. Here I also have a kitchen roll holder of ultra cheap kitchen roll to hand and my Big Bite. You may notice my heat gun out at the moment. I realised I was not heat embossing any more, so I have recently revived it for some Tim Holtz tags I was doing, and decided to leave it available for a while!
The little wooden trug (Again a present from my sister from France) holds all the small embellishmenst that come with my SC kit that I am working on at the moment. If I keep them together close at hand, they get used!! On the windowsill, behind the desk, you can just see and IKEA plate stand, that I use for standing layouts up to dry, but at the moment it is being used as a letter rack!! Lol!
The centre box on my desk holds my favourite things, close at hand. In here there is a metal bucket with my edge distresser, my brown chalk eye ink pad and my reel of wire. There are also my two favourite mini alpha stamps and two archival ink pads (Black and brown.) The rest of the box has favourite items like stick pins, labels, special buttons, tags etc that I collect and keep safe for future use. On the window sill you can just see a box I made that holds my sketch ideas and page map cards if I get stuck. I also have an old clock, as time flies in this room (sure it's on warp speed!) My lamp is a touch light from IKEA. I did have an angle poise from IKEA but it kept flashing on and off!! Not good! I have this same light on the computer desk downstairs and it was on special when I went, so I just got that. You can just see a small glass pot holding my Baker's twine colours next to the light. I love this!
Finally the alphabet box! This wine box was one of the first  I altered way back when! It  held two bottles of wine and has a divider, so in the back section I keep all my Thickers and alphas and in the front section, rub ons and tags. It was situated on the window sill, but since my operation and I could not reach I have moved it onto my desk.
So there you have it. With my craft mat, my glasses and a coffee mat I am all set to go! I hope you enjoyed the tour! More of my storage will follow. TFLx


SusieJ said...

Some interesting storage techniques there CC! I can't get over how tidy everything is - I am sooooo messy.
Sue xx

craftattack said...

I looked hard, but I couldn't see any dust!!

tea_bag said...

Wow so tidy can I come and play? and mess it up hugs alma x

Sandra said...

oooohhh thank you very much :) ... how exciting. I love all your boxes, you have created that welcoming, come look and play feel :) And I think they'll be just enough space for me to come and play LOL

Traceyr said...

wow that really is a neat desk - I love all your wooden storage the wine boxes, seed trays and trug. :)

Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh cc you are so tidy, can I come and play and mess things up, where all the sparkles and glitter, lol...

maria x