Friday, 12 February 2010

So here was me thinking........

....I had got over this operation rather well, when I started with pains last weekend. Needless to say it has put a dampner on things and I am slightly down to say the least :( Anyway, after a trip to the doctor on Monday, I am making a slight recovery, but still a bit uncomfortable. I managed to sit through the first half on DS2 in "Oliver" the other night, he was great. I am back to the specialist next Tuesday, so hoping for a bit of explanation there. Still not driving, in fact I took a bus yesterday for the first time in ages, to get to my appointment. Have finally given up on the anti-embolism stockings this morning too, I have done well, it is almost six weeks!!!
So, to crafty matters, I am having sporadic efforts in the craft room, but I feel my attention span is still short! Reading novels is still the one thing I get lost in and I somehow feel guilty that I am reading! I did a couple of layouts the other day, using a kit from last August with some photo's from last summer.
It occurred to me that when I get my photo's printed, I always go 6"x4," I then try and stick more than one on a page and the page is full before you know it! Smaller than 6x4 and it's not always easy to see what the photo is about and if you make each layout into a double, your albums would be full in no time! So, to avoid my layouts becoming boring and also because I am a "dimensionaholic" (if there is such a word) I have begun to get very brave!!! Follow me into the scary world of cutting into your photographs!!! Yep! You heard me, cutting them up!!! Lol!
This first layout I decided to punch out a point of interest in the photo on the right, my family walking towards this huge building, to give an idea of scale. I mounted the punch out on foam pads to draw attention to them.
The second layout was using two photographs of the same view, but one was more close up. I decided to cut out the boat in the foreground and mount is on two layers of foam pads overlapping the second photo, on one layer of foam pads. The remnants of the first photograph, was mounted flat on the background in the distance. This creates an unusual effect, still using the two photographs, but in a different way. I have also done this before, by overlapping photographs in a panorama.

Check this layout I did a while ago, where I cut out blown up photographs of the same flowers and stitched around them on the background huge photograph to add some extra dimension, creating foreground. (Notice this layout was done in my pre journaling days, when I was scared to death to write anything!!) Give it a whirl, get cutting and see how you get on!! (Remember not to use old originals though!!) TFLx


tea_bag said...

Its works really well I love your Lo but how scary to do it. I do hope you continue to recover from your op hugs alma x

sue-bubbles said...

I am loving your new word 'dimensionaholic' CC, I think I would like to be one of those and I hope that there is no known cure!
I confess to being a 'chopoholic' where photos are concerned CC, I dont know when to stop! Its a long time since I saw a 6x4!
Your layouts are fabulous, particularly the cut-out boats - so effective!
Sparkles for your pain CC - maybe everything is healing and tightening up, and your body is complaining? I hope the consultant can reassure you that all is well, and more importantly, that the pain disappears soon!
Sue x
ps: I think you are missing your flowery layout?

SusieJ said...

Great technique CC and thanks for sharing.
Hope the specialist can put your mind at rest - you haven't been overdoing things have you?
Don't feel guilty for reading - you're supposed to be taking it easy!
Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel more like your old self soon CC - it's a long slog isn't it ?....Mgt.x