Thursday, 25 February 2010

Tim charms!!!

And I don't just mean his appearance on QVC lol!
I decided to make myself some little charms out of shrink plastic, (after seeing some here) to add to my "Tim" tags and mini albums as I wanted an economical option! I would love loads of 'Ideology' stuff, but I have not got any, so I am improvising!!! I was quite pleased with the results! See what you think!!
1. Stamp some Tim Holtz stamps (I bought mine on ebay) on to some clear Shrink Plastic using 'Stazon.' If you get a bad impression with a gap, turn it over and stamp a smaller stamp into the gap to make a collage. By stamping on both sides it adds depth.
2. Punch a hole in the corner with a Cropadile for attaching them later, then shrink them down, according to the instructions, using the heat gun, make sure you place a pokey tool or similar, in the hole to keep it still whilst shrinking it. (Be courageous, if it curls up, just keep heating and it will come right in the end) "Splat" it flat with an ink pad box to make sure it is flat before it cools.
3. After they are cool  I decided to add some rub on foil to the back of some of them using adhesive, so the foil shines through to the right side (I have never used this before!) Burnish them with a rag to distress them slightly on the back. (I used a mixture of bronze, gold and cream foil.)
Let me know what you think. The postage stamp one  is a bit too small maybe. Make sure you start with a medium sized stamp. (The bigger the piece of shrink plastic, the harder it is to contol when shrinking. One ended up with a wonky corner, but I quite like that. It makes it look old!) TFLx


SusieJ said...

Ooh! Fabulous idea! I love playing with shrink plastic - think I even have some black.
Love those tags CC.
Thanks also for the hint about ebay - the ideology stuff is lovely but pricy!
Sue xx
p.s. I too thought Tim was lovely on QVC - when DB let him talk. Why did she have to be on with him?

sue-bubbles said...

Absolutely fantastic CC!
Sue x

tea_bag said...

They look fab

furrypig said...

that is so innovative and they look fabulous thanks so much for sharing this idea!

Anonymous said...

A great idea...Mgt.

CoventryAnn said...

I love this idea, they look fab!

Alix said...

oh how i love a shrinkie charm...and these are just *charming* ;0)