Sunday, 14 March 2010

Appealing Aprons for a Magical Mum!

Happy Mother's Day! My mum has never been without her apron for cooking, or when she is around the house, it's a remnant from the fifities when she was first married, that every housewife wore a "pinnie" to do the chores! My mum's latest ones, however, were wearing thin and she could not find any half aprons like these, so she asked me to make her some new ones for mother's day and what fabric did she choose??? Gingham! That fabric means Primary School to me! I can remember 'sewing class' and making aprons for the school fayre, what I can't remember is whether the boys had to make them too! I did a good line in dressing table sets out of 'Binca' too and tea cosies out of a waffle fabric that you could thread embroidery thread under the loops (can't remember the name of it) Anyway, I was whisked straight back to that memory as soon as I cut it out and started sewing! All  my primary school sewing was done by hand, but I whipped a pair of these up in no time using my sewing machine! I hope she likes them! I have also bought a Cookbook for her by Ina Garten - Barefoot Contessa. If you have not watched her on Food Network channel, give her  a go. (Don't go a bundle on her fish dishes, but I like the look of her cakes!)
Off to cook roast chicken for my mum now, have a happy day! xx TFL

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Suze said...

The fabric wasn't huckerback by any chance?