Friday, 19 March 2010

Cath Kidston Yumminess & Don't forget to play!

So it's here, today is blog hop day over at Rebekah's blog! Happy birthday Rebekah! There has been a slight alteration to the timings, meaning that all the Friday projects will go live at 7pm tonight, all the Saturday projects (including mine!) will go live tomorrow morning and all the Sunday projects will go live first thing Sunday! That way you can hop from one project to another, until you find one you would like to make and you can skip any of those you prefer to save for later. Don't forget, there will be free draws and RAK's for free stash as well as some prizes if you link what you have made back to the project post. Have fun!
(Tomorrow is Great Northern Papercrafts Exhibition in Harrogate, so I will be out for the day, but plan to play catch up tomorrow evening!)

I finally finished re-lining my sewing basket! I pulled out the old lining a few months ago and it has sat there waiting to be done for ages! When I originally lined it at a class about ten years ago I had used red fabric! So 'not me!' So, having ordered this Cath Kidston fabric before Christmas I finally got down to doing it!

The lid I added, is just made from two section of cardboard, cut from a grocery carton. I made a bag out of fabric and then slid the pieces of Corrugated card inside before stitching it closed, adding a row of stitching down the centre, between the two pieces to create a hinge.

The lid can be tied open, when you are using it and kept closed for storage to keep the dust out.
I used the gathering technique shown on this video clip I did here, to gather all that fabric for the lining easily. Because my basket had a wooden edge, I was able to staple the lining in  place, but if you line a basket that is woven you can just stitch it in place by hand. TFLx


ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Ooo it looks lovely :D
I love Cath Kidston
J xx

sue-bubbles said...

What a lovely job you have made of that sewing box CC, its gorgeous! BTW we sell a few CK goodies at Waitrose (and John Lewis), mugs, note books and the like...all very pretty, just like your beautiful creation!

Sue x

tea_bag said...

Well done on getting it finished and wow how good does it look I love the Cath Kidson fabric alma xx