Sunday, 7 March 2010

Gathered fabric ruffle

Here is another part of my fabric ruffle tutorials. It is in two sections (sorry I forgot!) as the camera decided to leap off the table mid shoot! I have since reverted to the full size tripod rather than the table top tripod! Part one is here and part two is here. This video shows you how to make a gathered ruffle using some Shirring elastic on the lower spool thread. Once you have mastered this technique, it is very useful for other applications, which I will show you at a later date.

Life in general
This week has flown by, I have had a problem with my washing machine and despite three visits from an engineer trying to fix it with reconditioned parts, I have finally given in and ordered a new one. It was eight years old and I suppose that is not bad these days. My new one will be delivered next Saturday. Unfortunately, it was this weekend that DS1 arrived home with lots of washing from Uni, so add that to my backlog of washing for the week since the washer packed up and it has been a nightmare! I have managed to do various loads of washing this weekend, after he fitted a new motor, by advancing the programme manually and also stopping it when the spin cycle became too fierce, but not a way to proceed I feel! We don't realise a) how much time they save and b) how much washing we do until will don't have one!
I started to think about my childhood and what my mum used in the 1960's for her washing. Her first washing machine was one very similar to this one, but not the same make. That lovely retro creamy yellow fifties colour! Things that stick in my mind are, her having to manoeuvre it across the kitchen to the sink to hook the hose on to the sink for emptying and I seem to remember rubber pipes fitted on the taps to fill it. The mangle swung out over the sink, so you could squeeze out the water from each piece of washing. The large round drum had a paddle swishing too and fro and the wash cycle was as long as you wanted to leave it going! You put all the whites in first, then you got them out and put the coloureds in the same water, then you finally did all your gardening/work clothes etc that were very dirty! There was the cupboard at the bottom, where mum kept the nappy pan for boiling all those terry towelling nappies on the cooker! No wonder Monday was wash day, it took nearly the whole day! It was a big thing when she progressed to a Hotpoint top loader, that you set going and walked away and it was all done for you when you came back! So who has enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me? I feel a layout coming on!


SusieJ said...

Oh boy! Truly a trip down memory lane as my Mum had the same washing machine (it was a Hotpoint) - it lasted 29 years and was still going strong when we finally persuaded her to get a new one (on the grounds that she was getting on a bit to be hauling it round the kitchen etc.). She progressed to an automatic front loader (Hotpoint again!) which didn't last nearly as long!
Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Oh! how you've taken me back to my childhood on seeing that cream washing machine. As you say - Wash Day was just that - a whole day.
Thanks goodness for progress, is all I can say....Mgt.x

tea_bag said...

Sure is a blast from the past When I first saw the image I thought no wonder your washer had issues look at the age of it, lol then I read on I do hope your new washing arrives quickly alma x

CoventryAnn said...

OMG, that washer brings backmemories, my Gran had one just the same, and she used it up to her death in 1993!!! I remember her pulling it out from the larder to hook the waste pipe over the sink, and the smell of washing in the kitchen (every Monday!!)
You are right... we don't know we're born ....although my Gran never had to work :)