Saturday, 27 March 2010

I soooooooooo wish you could have seen.......

.......Barney's face when this strolled up the drive this morning, to within two feet of the dining room window!!!! He was almost beside himself!!! I did manage to grab the camera and get one decent shot before the battery died, but there was a tree between me and him!!

So today is Studio Calico reveal day and I am deciding what I neeeeeeeeeeed to purchase and what I can actually afford! Lol! I have no doubt that when I see the reveal, there will be lots of things I have to have, but trying hard to resist all of them!!
I have had a very productive morning of fitness and exercise! Starting early with a half hour stint on the Wii Fit, including a ten minute jog that nearly killed me! (not sure I should do that so soon after my hysterectomy, but I did ask the physio last week and she said the Wii fit was fine!) I have also "power walked" with Barney in my fabulous new "fitflops" I am expecting great things from these and have hung up the tag showing the 'nubile' model as a little incentive! I have also started my new low fat diet today, with the free 'week's meal plan' from the Slimming World website. I am giving it a go.
Ok, so just finished the umpteenth load of washing, I am now allowing myself an afternoon of crafting! TFLx

Was relatively restrained with the Studio Calico reveal. I did not purchase an add on , but did get a yummy pack of Cosmo textured cardstock in neutrals! Can't wait for that to arrive! Also got a retro, funky little punch and a Sunflower yellow mist, a little telephone stamp and more bakers twine - as I had nearly run out!!
Did not get into the craft room until tonight, but have been working on a little project that I have been considering for a while! Can't wait to finish it and share it with you!


SusieJ said...

Would love to have seen Barney's face! Photo worthy of a LO.
Sue xx
Happy crafting!

Sandra said...

Oh my word! what a perfect photo. How lovely to have such a gorgeous visitor. Good luck with the diet, and the wii fit. I re-started back on ours on Friday ... feeling it today, that's for sure LOL. Also I'm interested in reading how you get on with your weight loss. My hubby is doing weight watchers - and so far, so good - but typical he's losing it very fast.

Crafty Dawn said...

These are lovely birds. Our dog Dita looked at one and walked off Hubby said she was usless should of been on the table for tea lol I prefer to look at these though!

Love Dawn xx