Monday, 29 March 2010

Mad March Hares!

These cheeky little chaps are on their way to two lucky girls tomorrow, just in time for Easter! The little baskets were from Hobby craft and I made the rabbits from large clothes pegs I bought in France.
Here are two more (without the arms!) You need to paint the clothes peg, then add the face and feet. The arms are a pipecleaner with a bead on each end (so not suitable for very little children.) Hand drawn features and some string for hair.
The idea came from a German magazine I bought a few years ago whilst on holiday (it only recently came to light!) Each basket contains some coir grass from The Works and a rabbit printed cellophane bag (also from The Works)  filled with two bags of Cadbury's mini eggs! The sign reads "Hoppy Easter!" The rabbits make a great memo holder afterwards. TFLx


sue-bubbles said...

WOW CC, these are adorable and so original, welldone you!
Sue x

SusieJ said...

Lovely CC!
Sue xx

carolejgriffin said...

These bunnies are soooo cute (nearly as cute as Morris!!!) Lovely project CC, love them!
Carole x

Sandra said...

aawww, how cute are these :)