Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Make a Spring Wreath

Last week I went to Hobbycraft as one of my first longer drives in the car since my operation (well, that was my excuse and I am sticking to it! Lol!) Anyway, I bought a few Easter/spring inspired items and put them with a few things I already had to come up with this Spring Wreath for my kitchen door. That hint of sunshine has just made me get in the mood for better weather and as you know I have made a few wreaths before, here and here! So this is my Spring themed wreath.

You will need;
A wreath willow ring (£2.99)
Reel of fine ribbons in Pastel colours (£1.99)
A of packet of wooden flower craft embellishments (£1.49)
Green (grass) coir  (99p)
I also used from my craft stash
two mini wooden bird houses
a metal hen
rusted wire heart - made myself
wooden ladybird, heart and butterfly embellishments
ribbon to hang it up
flower stamens
Hot glue gun

1. Unwind the ribbons from the drum in the colours you want to combine on the wreath. Group about three ribbon colours together and find the mid point of the ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the top of the wreath using the mid point at the centre top, then wind the long ends, one down each side of the wreath arriving at the centre bottom with two long stands to tie in a bow.  Tie a bow, then tie another bow and another bow all directly on top of each other, glueing them with the hot glue gun to hold them in place.

 2. Work out where you want to position all your items around the ring, placing them in position. Always group things in odd numbers, I have three main groupings here and the embellishments are grouped in threes, this gives your item balance. (I decided several positions but chose this grouping I liked the best.)

3. Before you start glueing, use clumps of the green coir to back your items and add texture. Glue these in position on the wreath ring. Glue your embellishments into position on top of the coir, using the hot glue gun.

4. Glue groups of flower stamens to the large wooden flowers to add dimension, cover the centre with a button. Add buttons to all the wooden flowers. Glue some wooden flowers to the ribbon hanging stands from the bow. Add a heart button on top of the bow.

5. Make a wire heart shape from rusted wire and twist with pliers at the point. Glue the point and push inbetween the willow on the wreath. Add the butterfly and the ladybird embellishments.
I have tried to use items that are weatherproof, so I could hang this outside. If you are hanging it inside you could use more paper products. Hope you like it and welcome to Spring! TFLx
P.S. The wooden mini birdhouses were plant pot decorations from IKEA years ago and have been outside in plant pots, hence the weathered look! You may get something similar from florists.


CoventryAnn said...

So cute, love the bird houses!

SusieJ said...

This is really lovely CC -vary springlike.
Sue xx

Crafty Dawn said...

This is lovely, I really love the houses!

love Dawn xx