Friday, 26 March 2010

Roses are Red........ and blue....

...well in my case they are! (I seem to remember doing another post entitiled roses are green some time ago!) anyway, I have made these roses using the tutorial here over on Amarylis' blog from Rebekah's blog hop (you are probably sick of me saying that by now, but I always like to credit where these ideas come from!)

These were supposed to be made in carstock and I used a Prima cardstock with a subtle sheen to start with, but I found it too thick and it was hard to add the curl. The pink one came from a sheet of patterned paper that was quite thick (and I have forgotten the name of it for the moment! It will come to me and I will update!) This was easier to curl and then I sprayed with Pink Grapefruit Maya Mist to get the metallic sheen once it was completed. I think I might have done better if I had a die cut to start with rather than hand drawing my flowers! Maybe my petals were not deep enough.
I think that is all the projects I have had time to complete so far! Yesterday, I did some craft room tidying and arranged my paper scraps into 12 x12 bags according to colour, as they had spilled out of the pizza box. It was great seeing some old papers there and I am hoping that I will be inspired to make something! Last week when I wanted a scrap of yellow for my Comic Capers layout, it took me ages to sort through the whole box, so that's waht made me decide!! I also have a lot of 12 x 12 bags now that I have my papers arranged in Studio Calico crop bags! That was something else I did, I disbanded the kist going back to last July that were almost done and bagged the remaining papers by manufacturer! Oh the OCD of it all! I think I have caught it from my husband!!
Today I am 'off to Uni' to pick up DS1 for his Easter break. Hopefully there will not be too much washing for the new machine to have to cope with! Lol!
Now to my RAK! The winner is......


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So that is you Terri! Please let me have your address and I will get your pack of Dovecraft 12 x 12 papers in the post to you asap! Click on my profile and you will find my email address.



SusieJ said...

Lovely roses CC. Enjoy the washing!lol My boy is coming home by train on Tuesday (obviously has plans for the w/end!) so I won't have too much washing as he only brings his backpack.
Sue xx

rebekah22 said...

These are gorgeous :) And well done Terri! x

Nicole said...

Caroline, those flowers are FABULOUS!!! I must try making them! :)

CoventryAnn said...

Don't hold your breath about the washing CC!!
And I love the roses.

Amarilys said...

these came out very pretty! Thanks for linking my blog :)

Traceyr said...

wow those flowers are gorgeous. :)

Sandra said...

oohhh they're gorgeous. You really do give the most amazing links :)