Sunday, 25 April 2010

Cybercrop is over :(

As the Monopoly Cybercrop, comes to an end,
We’ve met and we’ve chatted and all made a new friend,
We’ve completed our classes, we’ve ‘snapped’ and ‘uploaded!’
The printer’s in meltdown, computer’s exploded!!
Last night I didn’t get to bed ‘til three!!
Don’t anyone mention ‘wire work class’ to me!!!!!!!
My first ever class, had a technical hitch,
But some fabulous entries came after that glitch!!
We’ve distressed and we’ve painted and “gesso’d” it said,
I think that tonight I will fall into bed!
I’ve photographed layouts and challenge galore!
I’ve even got things I have glued to the floor!!!!
I ‘popped up’ my mystery kit, glimmer misted some plastic,
I have to admit, the results look fantastic!!!
I made a great canvas, for a shadow box frame!
(Even though my desk top will not be the same!!)
It’s over!!! My goodness!! Whatever next???
No wonder my family is looking perplexed!
I was ‘revved up’ and speeding through class after class!
Thanks to Scrapbunny, she’s a wonderful lass!!!
My team was the “cars” we have scrapped with great pace,
Here’s hoping we’ve done enough to win us the race!
It was all in good fun, in pursuit of our art!
I’m grateful I had the chance to take part!!!!

Thanks to all my team mates and everyone who tackled my first ever cybercrop class, I enjoyed it all. TFLx


sarah copeland said...

Thats a wonderful poem :)

Sandra said...

Won't mention it .. but thanks for a great class :) ... i have to say I had such a fun weekend with the cyber crop.

SusieJ said...

Well done CC! I did a cyber crop a couple of weekends ago - so easy to get hooked and lose track of time!
But what fun!
Sue xx

jackie(worcs) said...

Love your poem CC!

sue-bubbles said...

A fabby poem as always CC, Im glad you had so much fun...and that heart wreath is absolutely gorgeous! BTW I have popped my possibly sandalized shoes on my blog and I would welcome your opinion - are they are arent they? lol!
Sue x