Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The "scary" page

I decided, for some reason, to push the boundaries of my journaling experiment and complete a scraplift of a page from Scrap Book Magazine's Rachel Elliot, but with NO photograph! (Shock! Horror!) I have come a long way since I was frightened of journaling that's for sure! Well, what is a blog if it isn't writing about yourself? And I am not scared of that!! Lol!
So what do you think??? Scary enough for you?? Or have you already given it a go! Sometimes it is the story that is important. The pretty paper just makes it look nicer!
Short post tonight, tired out after my first proper day's teaching since my operation! I need a lie down! TFLx


SusieJ said...

You are brave CC. The page looks wonderful - don't know if I'm ready for that!
Sue xx

Jolanda said...

I think your layout looks great! I haven't really tried journalling yet just scrapbooking but the more examples I see the more I want to give it a try. I love your site its very inspirational.
Best wishes
jolanda x

tea_bag said...

Yes thats rates as Top class scary I not sure I could but I must say yours looks fab alma

Sandra said...

wow .. I'm so impressed. The journaling doesn't really worry me, but I've not done a layout without a photo before ... uuummm, I'm going to have to give that some thought :)