Friday, 9 April 2010

Ship Yard

Now you may think this is a strange topic to scrap, but as with everything I choose, there is a story behind it! Remember scrapping does not always have to be personal photographs, if they are still part of the story, they can be other things too!
These two pictures were scanned from a book, showing the shipyard that used to exist on the plot of land that my parents built their house on. I find it fascinating to look at them and see exactly where their garden is now! I remember as a child, dad used to dig up all sorts of "treasure" in the garden from the old shipbuilding days - bolts etc and we found it fascinating! For the future generations, this fact might never have been known! The ship yard was started in 1916, by a man who foresaw the need for ships with the advent of war. Unfortunately it closed after 1922 when the end of the war caused a slump in trade.
I chose the pencil background paper as I kept thinking"back to the drawing board." My experiments with journaling continue here, doing some journaling on and off the Maya Road envelope - not what you would expect or necessarily feel comfortable with! I could put more details about the shipyard in the envelope if I want to. I added the "rewind" card to show it was a flashback. Have fun experimenting! TFLx

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CoventryAnn said...

A great page, and i think you are right, including photos that are not necessarily family ones.