Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Week in the life day 1 and 2 scrapped!

So sorry I have been missing, but unfortunately I have been unwell! Not a great start to a week in my life project! Hubby decided to share his cold germs around and he is on antibiotics for a bad chest infection and I have no voice, so I am now on antibiotics too for my voice box! Great! Maybe I should photograph his and hers tablets! I forgot to photograph the doctors and the chemist today, but after the looks I got yesterday, covertly photographing the post office, I am sure people were thinking I was casing the joint for a ram-raid!! lol! They obviously have not heard of scrapping! I must admit I had to covertly photograph the bin men too today! Well its all about the everyday stuff this album so warts and all today! Anyway, back to the photographs! I did print off and scrap Monday on Monday night. I printed a few wallet sized prints and did some journaling. Today I printed off Tuesday's pictures, this time as a collage sheet for a change. I took them up to the craft room and added a few embellishments too and stamped my days of the week.
A few items in the envelope for Monday including menus and a receipt from the post office, Tuesday has more journaling tags about different events. I am just printing off the collages for today and find I took a lot more pictures today!
Love this photo on Tuesday of a nesting blackbird right outside my window! I was scared to peg the washing out today in case I frightened her!

I have the receipt for the chemist shop today to add! That will be interesting in years to come! Getting more into this project as we go on! Will be in the craft room scrapping today's pictures first thing in the morning. Photographs today included the bin men, the wheelie bin, washing machine and clothes on the line, dressing table, make up, wardrobe with doors open, craft room and tubs of pansies by the front door. Love today's picture of Barney too! TFLx


SusieJ said...

Sparkles to you and OH for a speedy recovery CC.
I can imagine the looks you got taking photos of binmen etc - I did the same for my year project and made the mistake of doing the LO at a crop - should have journalled the comments I got!
Barney is as handsome as ever.
Sue xx

Sandra said...

Hope you feel better soon, so horrid when you're not feeling like you, isn't it. Anyway, pleased you've blogged that gorgeous picture of Barney ... such a cutie :)