Monday, 19 April 2010

Week In The Life - Day 1

As I shared with you yesterday, I am starting the Ali Edwards "Week In The Life" project today. (See link in yesterday's post.) I am hoping, in the future, it will be interesting to look back on a typical week for me at this point in life. It may seem boring and insignificant now, but who knows, in the future it may make us look back and remember things we would have forgotten.
Monday for me is a "work at the PC day." Since I was off work with stress a few years ago, I have made all my school work condense into just one day. That way, I have the rest of my week to rest, relax and recover, it works for me and I am lucky I can do this as I am only part time. My 'everyday' things cropped up today, like my regular blogging and walking the dog. I had not bargained on having a cold today, so I have recorded the  new "First Defense" spray I am trying to ward it off! Other pictures are few, a trip to the post office and drop off DS2's dance bag, Barney's picture and that's about it for today!
I have printed off the photo's at wallet size and stuck them on the first envelope pages. I have journaled on a card in the first envelope pocket and included my receipt from the Post Office. A simple start but it's what I did today! Mostly, sitting right here!
Maybe this PC will look outdated in the future!! Notice my giant coffee mug to hand. TFLx


SusieJ said...

Well done on making a start CC. That's just the right size for a coffee mug!
Sue xx

sue-bubbles said...

A wonderful I think I migtht pinch lol! Your album is gorgeous CC, it will be a real treasure come the end of the week!
Sparkles for your snotty nose CC!
Sue x

tartantaz said...

What a great idea. I might try this on my next weeks holiday. Rather than do it a week of working, working shifts doesnt really leave much time to do anything else lol, I will do it a weeks holiday in the life of....... Though I still havent finished my December 09 journal.

T x