Monday, 31 May 2010

Heritage photo's

We have spent the weekend helping to clear FIL's bungalow and I have been packing boxes. It seems very sad to me that there are a lot of photographs that are un-named. I have been scanning photo's into my PC of family members that I am aware of, that are my son's heritage, but unfortunately there are many that are un-traceable now. It has occurred to me that it is a great thing this hobby of scrapbooking! This will not be a problem for the future generations, if we keep our side of the bargain.
We are lucky that photography is so easy for us and we can record the everyday and the ordinary. I am piecing together the past, and it is very interesting. So here we have three generations of the family, my husband, his dad and his grandad. It's a start! Why not make a start today on labelling your old photographs? Before the pieces in the jigsaw become really difficult to solve, because the links to the past have gone. TFLx


ScrappyDandyDoo said...

its hard isn't it and even if they can be identified the stories are tangled and details forgotten - so sad!
Thats why I made a start on my family tree now, before its too late - must getr cracking again with it though!!!!
Beautifulpics to scrap though :D
J xx

Virginia said...

It is sad when you come across a photo and don't know the memory behind it - but I agree this is where us scrappers make it different for future generations!