Friday, 7 May 2010

I'm a Sindy girl!!

I think I have made a mistake here last night! It should say the doll you love to dress! Must have been working late lol! Will go and change it!! Anyway I have made my Sindy mini! I used one huge brown envelope as the cover and then 5 envelopes as the double pages. I used my BIA to secure them to a chipboard backing, which I slotted into the large envelope as a coverall. (I will explain this method on a future post!!) Anyway, it was a great use for some of my 50 envelopes for 99p from Home bargains!!
If you remember this post I made about rediscovering my youth when my sister found my Sindy things in the loft? Well yesterday I whizzed upstairs into the craftroom and got cracking on my mini album. I used GCD studios homespun papers as I thought the colours were perfect for this album! I followed Ann C's lead to get my Sindy title in the right font by printing it in mirror image to the back of my patterned paper and cutting it out. (Great idea Ann!) That's funny, she was inspired by me, who was in turn inspired by her!! Lol!!
I had approximately fifty photo's I had printed off, of all my Sindy things as listed for the auction site and I have written about some of them. I am waiting to see how much they fetch and I will add that to the mini album too! Inside the front cover is the blog post from the other day, to show how the album started!!
I have researched the history of Sindy on the internet and used that information to put outfits back together. I have added some of this information to the mini album too. I kept a pink theme throughout! (Of course!)
Until this week, I had no idea she was soooooooo collectible! Particularly the 1970's things, which are later than the originals, which seems strange to me!
I have had emails from Denmark, Australia and New Zealand!
One thing that struck me, was when a friend at work had noticed how many outfits I had!! I tell you, I lived and breathed Sindy, every birthday and Christmas for years and years! (That and horses were my two main hobbies as a child!) I certainly had my money's worth!!
Anyway, here are some of the pages, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself having this little trip down memory lane! It's what true scrapping is all about!
Just can't decide whether to let my charm bracelet go to a true collector or let it adorn my mini album!!
It's been in my treasure box for years! I went straight to it this morning!! TFLx


SusieJ said...

The bracelet should stay with the album CC. The perfect finishing touch!
Sue xx

CoventryAnn said...

You have to keep it will look perfect on your gorgeous book:)

gingerpussycat said...

Definitely keep the bracelet! You've sparked some memories for me Caroline! I had the dressing table set and my fave outfits were the nurses uniform and a short nightie with mule slippers. My mum knitted me stuff too which wasnt so great... leotards included... Thanks for sharing all your work and your life too xx

voodoo vixen said...

The bracelet goes with the album... no argument... it belongs!! Love the album its a fab idea.

Claireliz said...

Oh wow Sindy dolls - I'd forgotten all about them, very cool book, its gorgeous.

tea_bag said...

I agree it belongs with the album I love the album its just wonderful alma xx

Carmen said...

This is fabulous. I was a Sindy girl too. Mine was the black haired ballerina one with the pink and white tutu. I loved her to bits. I could have wept when I saw a few years ago that they had reinvented Sindy to almost the spit of Barbie. Pah! Sindy was womanly and fabulous!

Keep the chain - it belongs with the album :)

carlytheprincess said...

Wow wow wow I collect Sindys so very jealous of the medallion!!! What username are you selling the items under on Ebay I will have to have a sneaky peak! x

Shellie said...

Its brilliant what a great trip down memorie lane
Just perfect I agree you should keep the bracelt it will be a perfect addition