Thursday, 6 May 2010

Let's vote!!

It's voting day today and let's not forget all those suffragettes who risked and lost their lives to get us the vote ladies!! Get out there and exercise your right, for their sake!!
Not sure where the time has gone since my last posting on here, I have been neglecting my blog! Unheard of! Firstly we spent the rest of the bank holiday weekend, clearing some shrubs that had died in the bad winter and replanting a low lavender hedge. We cleared a whole bed surrounding a patio and I am amazed at the results! The garden looks so much bigger! Well I say 'we', I said what I wanted moving and hubby did all the hard labour! Lol! And two trips to the tip! I was too busy with my Sindy clothes!! Talking of which, I seem to have created quite a stir!! I had no idea when I listed them all that they were so popular! Thanks too for all the great comments you have left on that Sindy post, I am glad I have rekindled so many good memories!! Thanks too to Ann C! Check out her great layout here, inspired by my post! Love it! I have to say I have not got very far with my Sindy mini album yet! I have the photo's printed off but not got any further! Things are conspiring against me this week! Maybe today....
DS2 managed to survive Tuesday which consisted of his Modern exam at his dance school followed by his GCSE french oral back at school on the same morning!! My back has been playing up this week and I have ironing to do today, so that will be interesting! We have a busy weekend planned so no scrapping time to look forward to either! A wedding and a birthday party to go to instead. I finally got an outfit on Monday so at least I can go to the wedding now! Not been to one for years and years!! The girl getting married was my bridesmaid 22 years ago, age five! Now do I feel old or what???? Must take my camera!!
Leave you with a layout I did for the cybercrop. Off to vote! TFlx

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SusieJ said...

I'll be voting CC - agree with your comments about the Suffragettes.
Great LO.
Sue xx