Saturday, 1 May 2010

"Sindy! The doll you love to dress!"

Well, if you were a child of the sixties, like me, this should bring back a few memories!!
This is not my Sindy, just a picture off the net, but my Sindy was just like this one, I remember the box vividly! I was a Sindy girl, not Barbie or Tressy, just Sindy. I played with her for years! I had lots of outfits and even made some of my own! My friends and I had endless hours of fun, dressing and undressing her in all her outfits. So why am I talking about this? Well my sister appeared with my box of Sindy things that her girls had played with and she had found recently in her loft. She knows I put things on Ebay and thought I might want to sell them, so I am, but not without a trip down memory lane first! I have spent two days reliving my childhood, by reading up on all the outfits so I knew what to put back together with what and all of a sudden all those outfit names suddenly rang a bell! There was "Lunch date"

and "Leather looker" skirts,

"Skater girl" and "Dream date" including a record player!

I remember them all! What I didn't know until I read about it today was that a lot of the original outfits for the first Sindy were designed by fashion designers Sally Tuffin and Marion Foale and for a hair cut, a bob made fashionable by Vidal Sassoon, all to reflect the changing times of the sixties. I had outfits, lots of outfits, then I got furniture! I had a wardrobe, then a dressing table,

a chest of drawers, a bed, a bedside lamp and a sideboard! I lived and breathed Sindy! We even made large cardboard boxes and called them 'Sindy Caravans' and pushed them around the house from "place" to "place." I always wanted a Sindy horse, but never got one.
Anyway, today in the process of photographing outfits for e-Bay, I have named and dated each one, so I have decided this is too important not to be scrapped in some way! A whole chunk of my youth here for my book of me!! I think it may even need to be a "Sindy" mini book, I can share with childhood friends when I next see them! My second Sindy, (after the first one's head fell off!!) was a "Trendy Girl" Sindy with a centre parting and apparently they are the most collectible. She had the seventies fashions of neon clothing, mini's midi, maxi dresses and flower power! My two favourite outfits for her were "hot pants"

and "dungarees"

From the one above in 1972 to the one below from 1963 (one of my first outfits was this one, the cape, very fashionable at the time, I had several myself and wore them with matching 'baker boy' hats!) I can almost date my Sindy playing days exactly!! (Well I reckon it was about 1966 actually when I got my first!)

If this has sparked a memory and you want to know more there are lots of websites here is a good one, here and here is another. I am off to do some scrapping! After all it is National Scrap booking Day!!! Lol! TFLX


ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Oh I loved my Sindy but mine was a 70's one LOL
I had that cape though that was handed down from my sisters dolls :D

Carol Ann said...

wow I had the very same Sindy and the wardrobe love her to bits then Mum decided I was too old for her and gave everything to my wee cousin> Happy memories indeed :)
Carol Ann xx

SusieJ said...

What great memories CC! Fun too. I never had a Sindy - wasn't in to dolls much.
Sue xx

CoventryAnn said...

I was a Sindy girl too, love this post, it's really brought back memories! Mine had strawberry blonde hair, and I had the bedroom suite too.
I think I need to go searching for some photos of them, as the Cosmo Cricket Material girl papers would be perfect for a Sindy LO. You've inspired me CC!

Suzy said...

What a great post - you must scrap the stuff before you sell it.

I was a Sindy girl too spanning 60 and early 70s and I loved her.

Traceyr said...

Sindy Santuary I'd say. What a lot of wonderful memorabilia. :)

Shellie said...

WOW that did bring bk memories even tho I was a 70's Sindy girl I made clothes for mine too lol Those were the days lol
Great pictures and memories
Hope they make loads on ebay they should do great esp as they are vintage and I can see you looked after them
Hugs Shellie

Sandra said...

oh my, what lovely memories this brings back ... I didn't have a Sindy, I was a Barbie girl LOL

Sarah said...

I was a 70's Sindy girl :) My sister is ten years older than me and I vividly remember having that dressing table and the matching wardrobe and the leather A-line skirt. I loved Sindy and NEVER had a barbie! Mum and I were only talking yesterday about me designing and knitting fair-isle jumpers for my Sindy aged 8!

Sian said...

This is so wonderful, you've inspired me to make a start on the Sindy mini book I've been wanting to make for ages. I have that pink dungaree set! It'll go like hot cakes on ebay