Monday, 7 June 2010

Beware the wrongly labelled photo!!

Who can believe we are back to school already! I am back to planning mode today for this week's lessons.
Another busy weekend spent house clearing and the time just flies! More old photo's, this time of houses. I found some during the house clearing and was not aware what they were as they are hubby's family. He recognised this one as the house where his grandma's brother had lived.

But I then noticed this photo was the same house but from the other direction.

We had FIL over for tea on Thursday as usual and we went through some of these old photo's. There was one copy of this photo unnamed, but then I cam across another copy of it with the title great grandma on the back. Hubby's sister had written on it and had been through these photo's years and years ago with someone. Anyway, I showed it to FIL and said "this is your grandma is it?" Straight away he said "No!" We have since worked out that it could be his great grandma in that same family home. So beware, even when photo's are labelled they may not be correct!! I have found a similar situation with a baby photo of MIL's brother which is wrongly labelled as her!!
Anyway, back to houses. I have also come across several other photo's of houses that are not labelled. Some grand and beautiful and some more ordinary. I just wish I new where they were. I know there are some significant houses in the family stories, so I need to do more research. Google maps is proving very useful!! You can walk down streets and look at houses and see if they look like the old photo, without leaving your home!! I have found some possible candidates, but will ave those for another post!! Better get on with my school work!! Lol! TFLx

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Sandra said...

This really is the fun part of family history, isn't it. Something wonderful thinking about who it was that lived there and what they're lives were liked. At least in future pictures will be labelled correctly .. that's the beauty of a scrapbooker now doing their family history.