Sunday, 13 June 2010

The boy is how old???????!!!

Can't believe DS2 is 16 today!! Happy Birthday!!! Only two more GCSE's to take and then he will be a free man for the summer! Had a weekend of birthday celebrations with various friends, but will feel better when French is out of the way tomorrow!
I have managed to watch a few world cup games, but alas the craft room is still a stranger to me!! Not even had time for any more family tree research!! Busy week ahead this week, with DS1 coming home from Uni. Not sure where we are going to put all of his stuff!! Have only just managed to clear the dining room for tea today as lots of FIL's stuff was stacked in there, then we will have Uni stuff too!
No sign of the very hot weather we had sixteen years ago today!! I do remember the midwife going in search of a fan for the delivery room, but I think it was for her not for me! Lol! I will not embarrass him by posting his baby pic today in case he looks at this, but it was on here (bottom right)! TFLx

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Carol Ann said...

Awww how cute is he :) My youngest is going to be 24 next week I am trying desperately to deny this fact as I feel I can't possibly be a mother of a 24 yr old not to mention that his elder sibling is 2 years older blimey where have all these years gone the only saving grace is that I enjoyed every single one of them (in between the crappy bits) ah kids you just don't want to live with them (in their horrible late teens) but honestly at times it feels just as horrible living without them.
Carol Ann xx