Tuesday, 22 June 2010

More family tree stuff!!

Having read up about the first world war for hubby's grandad, I decided to send for the medal card for my grandad. He has appeared on family tree layouts before, we have two pictures of him. One in Malta and one without a name but again in the trenches somewhere. He died when my mum was a young girl, from injuries he received during the war having been poisoned with Mustard gas. Mum has his discharge papers and she knew he was in the Army Service Corps in Salonika. She also has two medals. His medal card shows that he enlisted on the 19th of Jan 1914, before the outbreak of war and mum seems to recall he was in the Royal Army Medical Core Territorial Army. However, he ends up being a Mule Driver in the Army Service Corps and went to war on the 5th of October 1914. His medal card shows that he also won the 1914 Star, which mum never knew, and we have never seen, so that shows that he saw active service in France during 1914.
This is the other photograph of him, showing him in Malta in 1917.  He was one year and 212 days in Salonika according to his discharge papers, so I have been researching the war in Salonika. The best sites I have found are here on the Long, Long, Trail; here on the Salonika Campaign Society; and here where someone is sharing their own family research. What it appears is, that these men were gassed on the western front, probably in Ypres, and then taken to Salonika, where they were still considered fit for service!! Many of them subsequently getting Malaria and finding themselves "No longer fit for service" paragraph 392 Kings Regulations (xvi) and eventually invalided out! Mum says her dad convalesced in a Hospital in Southport and that is where he met my grandma who was a chemist apprentice. They married, but he was never fit for work and his war pension was small and apparently constantly reviewed!! They had three children and when he died, not too long after, his war pension died with him! The Great War forum here, is another fantastic source! Must crack on with my research! TFLx


Sandra said...

wow, you've made such great headway with your research.

SusieJ said...

That is so sad CC. The men who fought in WW1 were really badly treated.
Sue xx

sue-bubbles said...

Wonderful photos CC! Will they find their way onto a layout or into a mini-book soon I wonder?
Sue x