Wednesday, 9 June 2010

More heritage photo's and what can't you do on the net?????

There are several houses that keep cropping up on the photo's I am finding at FIL's. The one above, with it's unusual wooden balcony, crops up again and again on photo's here

and then again here
My 'Sherlock Holmes' investigation skills, have led me to finding out this house is in Harrogate, through deduction and family stories and it occurred to me that it might well be still there, so with the aid of Google maps, I have found it and walked up and down the street "Virtually" putting myself right outside, to recognise it. You can even save and print a photo of how that house is today! I also managed to track down a photo of the church in the background (now demolished) 
The second house is this one... 
I know this to be the house of "Miss Blackwell" of Cross & Blackwell fame. It occurs frequently in family pictures here..... 
and also here.....

with MIL as a child.
This I have not been as successful with, although I have found reference to it on several street directories of the town between 1929 and 1940. I just can't pin-point it on the street.
The third house is this one, where I believe MIL was born.
There is a picture of MIL in the backyard in a tin bath!

Again I found this on the Internet using Google maps and saved a photo of how it is now, but I also found this old postcard of the street too!

Finally, there is this one

A family farm where MIL spent holidays. I have even looked for this on Google maps! If you have not yet tried "Street view" you will be amazed!! It adds a whole new dimension to family history. I spent so long comparing chimney pots last night, that it was midnight before I went to bed! I had walked "virtually" up and down so many streets, so many times, but was successful on nearly all my hunts!! I feel another mini coming on!!!
P.S. The dogs are useful to define where pictures are taken too! TFLx


ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Wow, how lovely :D
These are such gorgeous pics for you to scrap :D
Julie xx

SusieJ said...

Wow! Excellent (and fascinating) research CC. So your MIL was born in Darlington? I used to shop there occasionally but now only ever get to visit the station - not the most fascinating of places!lol
Sue xx

Heather said...

Completely fascinating Caroline & right up my street (if you will pardon the pun!!)
I love the detective work with family history & you have reminded me I have been neglecting my research just lately!!
Thanks for sharing xx

Traceyr said...

oooo well done on these detective skills of yours - Google maps can be a bit adictive can't it? hahaha :)