Thursday, 10 June 2010

Our 'soldier turned airman' update!

Remember this chap (hubby's grandad) who was a soldier turned airman?? Well I have found out more! He was not a pilot as I had previously thought, in fact he was an observer in the air force. I downloaded his flying records online (£).

He is on the back row second from the left, he has no wings on his jacket! The other two chaps on the right have their wings above their breast pocket. The other thing I have found out is he was wounded flying over Italy doing "army observations" and spent the rest of the war recovering, only being suitable for "ground duties" when he returned to the school of aviation as an assistant instructor. The idea he flew out of France, was not true, he fought in France as a soldier with the Northumberland Fussiliers from 1915, but his flying records start from 12th November 1917 when he joined the flying school at Reading. Then, in February 1918  he goes to Italy, where he was wounded in July 1918. Just love this photo of him and his friends outside their tent! The chap on the right looks like he has slippers son!! Lol! Still spending lots of time on these photo's, scanning them and piecing together the past. TFLx

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