Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A plan of campaign

We had a break from house clearing to go holiday shopping at the weekend. We are going to Florida with friends and decided to have a joint shopping expedition!

1. Arrive early at your shopping mall, to avoid queues, to please hubby and be able to park easily.
2. Locate map of Mall and begin to plot your plan of campaign, whilst others in your party arrive.

3. Head for M&S to start the day with large Cappuccino or hot chocolate, so you are fortified for mega trying on of summer clothes!

That was the kids and us on Sunday! Fab time was had by all and 'mucho dosho' spent on essential swimwear and shorts for holiday! Even managed to fit in lunch and a cup of tea before making it back to the cars!
And that's how to do it!!! Lol! Meadowhall not Meadow'hell' TFLx

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