Tuesday, 15 June 2010

So I used to have a dining room......

but now I have a charity shop!!!! Yep! Darling son one has just landed from uni after completing his first year already!! How time flies!! Surprisingly he is only minus a few things, but being the kind hearted chap that he is, he offered to store some stuff for a friend and give another mate a lift home, so I am amazed it all fitted in anyway!! I can't believe how fast that first year has gone! Bye bye halls! Hello flat share next year and all the fun that brings!! Anyway, tonight has consisted of sorting washing, hanging up clothes and generally squeezing all his stuff back into the house for the summer! Barney was pleased to find at least one tennis ball in his preparation for Wimbledon and now he is worn out! Bless him!
This week has also seen the last of DS two's major GCSE's, just one left next week in ICT and that's him finished! Back to sleeping in all morning and lounging around all afternoon. That rare sight! A teenager before lunch time!! Lol!
Still on with the clearing out of FIL's bungalow. I think I have gone through all family photo's now in my quest for family tree stuff. Just need to have time now to do more research, hopefully during the summer hols. Talking of hols, we are on countdown to summer now! Still lots to do at work and holiday packing to plan! I am sure it will be here before we know it!
The craft room is still a stranger to me, but I have managed this lay out relatively recently.
Used my new month stamps from Studio Calico, when I eventually found them!! You see, it is so long since I did any crafting, I can't remember where I keep things! Lol! Used the Maya Road chipboard pennants, which I misted with Orange Maya mist and threaded on a ribbon. Journaling on the Maya Road craft envelope. This photo of FIL was taken last August when hubby's younger sister was over from Germany and they were all together. Talking of which, she is coming over next week! So maybe we can get and update of this! Thanks for reading this and all the comments you leave. I promise I will eventually craft again! Lol! TFLx

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SusieJ said...

Love the LO CC - hope you can update it.
I'm still "random stuff and washing" free. DS is still in Bristol and doesn't know when he's coming home - he will have to eventually as there's a gap of 4 weeks between him giving up the uni flat and his moving into a rented house (all 10 of them).
Enjoy having both your boys home.
Sue xx