Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The last voices of World War one

Having got into my family tree research so much, I have realised how little I knew about World War One. I managed to catch a few programme on History channel that were timed to co-incide with the anniversary of the start of world war one and they were fascinating. Most families had some link with the war and indeed lost someone and it seems strange to think that there is no-one left for that link with history. There are some great programmes you can watch online on You Tube too. There have been so  many significant advances since that time, things we just take for granted, my grandad was a mule driver as this was the main source of transport for all the guns and ammunition. The Army Service Corps and the Royal Medical Corps did a fantastic job, under fire, often in the front line, without any form of defence. I have a connection with this, because it is my grandad. My children may be more connected with World War two, as it was their grandad's that fought in that. If you get chance to research any of your ancestors, don't put it off any longer! Start now!! TFLx

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