Friday, 27 August 2010

Re-purposed Childhood memories album

Inspired by an article in the french magazine "Entre Artistes" I decided to make a mini album using an old children's book as the base. I found a lovely old children's book at my second hand book shop for £1 and was able to use it to make an album about myself and my sister. This book is from the fifties/sixties when we grew up, so it had the perfect feel to it. I am sure it is not acid and lignin free, but I am not using any original photo's, just reprints.
I started by assembling all my photo's I had printed online. I used fourteen here. I put them into rough date order, then I went through the book dry positioning the photos to cover the text as best I could. I chose to leave some titles and most of the colour picture uncovered and reorganised the photo's if the text was portrait or landscape accordingly. I even made sure I had a Christmas picture on the page with a Christmas tree and a dog on the page with a dog etc!

Next I assembled a tray with lots of vintage style embellishments, washi tape, wild cards and journaling spots to hand, so I could rummage easily through them and seek inspiration for each page. I got out my bags of scrap paper pieces and looked for scraps of Sassafras or similar vintage feel papers in various colours that toned with the photo's.

As you are working within and existing book, you cannot use any embellishments that are too proud or the book spine will get sprained. If you use any of any thickness, try to place them to the outside edges of the book. I also introduced some overlapping papers/ribbons etc to create tabs. I finished the pages off, by placing a journaling spot somewhere on each page and adding some rub ons.
I will share some more pages soon! TFLx

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Getting ahead of myself!

I made some Halloween cards with a Sizzix die by Brenda Pinnick and a Cuttlebug folder that I just ordered from Cutting Edge Crafts. I wanted to have my prototypes ready for Card Club at school, as no doubt I will have plenty of takers! Thought we would have a change of design this year! TFLx

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Journaling............. Do you get it??? Part 2

Here is the extract I referred to in my post two days ago. I found this earlier this week, written after the death of MIL Jan 2003 when the children were 11 and 8.

When forced to consider death as inevitable, it focus’s the mind, when faced with questions from Chris, that I felt unable to answer, it makes you realise how little you know. You can get to middle age without confronting the death of someone in your immediate family. At what age would it be dealt with best? None! Too young and the children can’t remember their grandparents, too old and they have to face torment and sadness. Would it be better not to know one’s grandparents and not mourn their passing? Or know them intimately and experience true grief? Will the lasting memories outweigh the pain and sorrow further down the line? Will life ever be the same again? Our happy-go-lucky approach to each day will disappear. Will it ever return? Will we be able to laugh and enjoy life as we did before?

Many questions crop up during mourning, many of which I cannot answer. We all deal with death in different ways. One must clear out and move forward, but not to the point that the mourned is completely removed from existence. Life must go on for the rest of us, no matter how hard. They say time heals, we wont know for a while yet.
Until you witness death, you do not realise how much we set store by things that don’t matter. Belongings, beauty, even our most treasured possessions are worthless. Just things for others to have to deal with, but also a record of what was important to us. Who will get so-and-so when you’re gone? Does it matter? What do we keep and what must go?

Written Jan 2003 after the death of Margaret Elizabeth

How different this recent death has been. With the cancer destroying him, we only wished it could have been less prolonged and are in fact relieved that he is now out of pain. This is what I shall scrap with her photo.
See how important journaling is? (For those of you still to be converted!) I had forgotten how difficult it was to get over her death, this has made me remember those feelings. It proves we have moved on. TFLx

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Breaking News....... Today is the day!!!!!

GCSE results day in our house! DS2 went up to school in fear and trepidation and was very pleased with his results!! An A* in Dance, two A's and six B's. Not a bad haul to put with those he got last year! Sixth form here he comes!!
He likes the badge on his card! OMG One More Genius!! Lol!
P.S. Today's sheduled post will be tomorrow if you were looking for it and you know what on earth I am talking about! Lol! So excited!! TFLx

Monday, 23 August 2010

Journaling, do you get it???

I remember when I first started scrapbooking, I found the journaling the most difficult part and my early pages do not contain any!!! I can also remember posting on UKs saying "Please help me with journaling!" It all felt too personal to write down. As I have grown to love this hobby of scrapbooking, I have realised how important the journaling is and we have a very selective memory that sometimes forgets things that we think we will remember forever! So I know it has become more important to me, to get the story down.
I know I was going to have a new start, but I just wanted to share with you a personal piece of journaling I came across yesterday, that I had written when MIL died in 2003. She died suddenly, quite unexpectedly and the children were so much younger and just not prepared for it. I was not prepared, as their mother, how to approach it either I realised. In a fit of anguish, I had written this whole side of A4 and it had been very therapeutic to get it off my chest and leave it on the paper. I could then move on. What I notice now, when I read it, is that my approach to this death has been very different. I intend to type it up and scrapbook it, with a photo of MIL, something I can do to reach into the past and connect with how I was feeling and that is helping me with today. It is quite long so I will post it tomorrow. TFLx

Saturday, 21 August 2010

A New Start

Today is a new start. I have decided to try and recover a semblance of my normal life and try to refocus. For those of you who are not aware, the day after FIL died my 86 year old dad had his appendix out and has been very poorly, but he is slowly starting to make a recovery and when I was there on Thursday, we managed a short walk in the garden.
I would like to thank everyone for their good wishes at this difficult time and I much appreciate your comments.
I thought it was significant, that I thought to make a scrapbook for the funeral, when I have not crafted for months! It shows that my creativity has not deserted me completely! In FIL's last days, when we were visiting, I used to take batches of photo's and talk about the old days and these scribblings were also much loved by the relatives at the funeral tea. Before we went on holiday, I had sent for some of the old black and white photo's I had scanned, to be printed online. So they were here waiting on our return. Subconsciously I must have known I wanted to do something.

So, the new start involved a whole rejig of the craft room yesterday. I love to tidy up and reorganise, it makes me feel good! It all started, as we are hoping to purchase a new bed this week and that means moving around the other beds in the house! One son already has a double bed, but the other one has decided he wants our old bed! That means I have to make room for the single bed to come back in the craft room :( Never mind. I enjoyed the space whilst I had it! Having said that, I am not sure I have been in the craft room for 3 months so it was a luxury!! Barney will be pleased he is getting a soft bed to sleep on again, whilst I craft!!
Every time I reorganise, this bookcase looks different! In fact, I reorganised it twice between photo's! Lol! The little Pastiche has stayed the same on the top - a group of favourite things!

I have a new place for my most recently acquired wooden box too! On my desk with bits and pieces I want to use close at hand!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Take one pack of Sassafrass Felties.............

and a few card blanks and some scraps of patterned paper, a stamp with a birthday greeting and "hey presto!" some instant cards! I've just remembered, I don't do cards!!
I found this packet of felties languishing in a kit, unloved and unused, so I decided to make use of them! TFLx

You see, I do still craft!.............. Sometimes!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Harry - Memory book part 2

The remaining pages of the memory book for Harry. The funeral was yesterday and the burial of the ashes today. This book was well received by friends and relatives yesterday at the buffet tea, great memories. TFLx

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Harry - Memory Book part one

As a former Bank Manager, Harry was quite a gentleman. As we were clearing his bungalow, when he moved into the care home, I came across two fabric bank cash bags  and decided to keep them for this mini album. I used one for each cover and inserted foam board in the bags and stitched them up.
I used some Collage Press, Knave of Hearts papers that had a heritage feel along with some of the My Minds Eye Kraft card stock "Life stories" pad that I brought back from America. I had already selected and had printed some of the heritage photos I had scanned earlier, so the book was just an assembly job really.
The first page shows a baby photo and the house where he was born. I used some embellishments from K&Co handmade collection throughout the book, along with some of their self adhesive photo frames.
The next page has the family tree grid on from the 'Life Stories' paper, so I filled it in, and added photo's of his parents.

The next page shows a picture of his father as an old man and then I started with some photo's of Harry as a boy. I also added a vintage playing card to this page.

On this page some of the vintage photo frames added to his old school photo's that I blew up on the scanner. The playing card was from the K&Co pack of handmade embellishments. I will share more pages tomorrow. TFLx

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Stash alert!

As promised, here is my modest stash haul from Florida. I managed to make a trip to 'Jo-anns' and 'Michaels'. Lots of things I had on my list were out of stock or unavailable, otherwise I might have brought home more! As it was I was right on the edge of my suitcase limit!

My Minds Eye 'Life Stories' Kraft pad and some papers that are for my America album including a scrapbook set from Disney with the 2010 theme. Some postcards for the parks to make dividers in  my mini album and some brown paper lunch bags to make the pages.
I got two EK success punches and a few inks and some cheap America ribbons and a 1 dollar bead set to trim the wires of the album. One Cuttlebug folder and a gift card tin from the reduced bin along with a wooden box that says flowers in french. All my craft storage is in wooden boxes!
I have been crafting yesterday!! Yay! I have made my memory book for Harry. I will share more soon. TFLx

Monday, 9 August 2010

I have been away far too long.....

Harry 1922 - 2010
so much has happened and I wont bore you all with the details, but FIL, aged 88, passed away on July 24th, when we had just started our family holiday in Florida. My father, aged 86, had an emergency appendix operation on July 25th! He has just come home from hospital today and is very weak. We returned from Florida yesterday, after missing our connecting flight in Atlanta, due to a tropical storm, where no planes were allowed to land. We therefore had to find a hotel for the night, along with a million others stranded in Atlanta due to the weather, then flew to New York and home from there as our only route! What a palaver!! So still not being on English time and now swapping my care team package from FIL to father, I foresee not a lot of crafting going on in the foreseeable future!! The good news is, I did by a few new scrapbooking goodies in the US, albeit a couple of punches and some papers for my mini album on this holiday, but I did do both "Michaels" and "Jo-ann's" craft stores justice. I could have done more had my luggage allowance been more generous! I knew it was a mistake to take clothes!!! Lol! I will tell more when I get chance, but I need to get my head around things that are happening at the mo! TFLx