Saturday, 21 August 2010

A New Start

Today is a new start. I have decided to try and recover a semblance of my normal life and try to refocus. For those of you who are not aware, the day after FIL died my 86 year old dad had his appendix out and has been very poorly, but he is slowly starting to make a recovery and when I was there on Thursday, we managed a short walk in the garden.
I would like to thank everyone for their good wishes at this difficult time and I much appreciate your comments.
I thought it was significant, that I thought to make a scrapbook for the funeral, when I have not crafted for months! It shows that my creativity has not deserted me completely! In FIL's last days, when we were visiting, I used to take batches of photo's and talk about the old days and these scribblings were also much loved by the relatives at the funeral tea. Before we went on holiday, I had sent for some of the old black and white photo's I had scanned, to be printed online. So they were here waiting on our return. Subconsciously I must have known I wanted to do something.

So, the new start involved a whole rejig of the craft room yesterday. I love to tidy up and reorganise, it makes me feel good! It all started, as we are hoping to purchase a new bed this week and that means moving around the other beds in the house! One son already has a double bed, but the other one has decided he wants our old bed! That means I have to make room for the single bed to come back in the craft room :( Never mind. I enjoyed the space whilst I had it! Having said that, I am not sure I have been in the craft room for 3 months so it was a luxury!! Barney will be pleased he is getting a soft bed to sleep on again, whilst I craft!!
Every time I reorganise, this bookcase looks different! In fact, I reorganised it twice between photo's! Lol! The little Pastiche has stayed the same on the top - a group of favourite things!

I have a new place for my most recently acquired wooden box too! On my desk with bits and pieces I want to use close at hand!


sue-bubbles said...

Continued hugs and sparkles for you and your dear Dad CC, and best wishes for your new start! I think I might bag myself one of those soon! Sue x

jakamoo said...

Sorry to hear you've had some tough times Caroline but hopefully things are getting better now. Doing something creative can help I find but you're right it has to be when you feel ready for it. It sounds like you're about to throw yourself back in to it wholeheartedly. Your craft room is lovely - I'll bet there's a project or two on the go by now and that it's not quite as tidy as it was.LOL. I always find a tidy up inspires me to make a mess!!! Sending some sparkly vibes your way and will check back soon to see what you've been up to!
Take care

PS I'm at now.

SusieJ said...

Love the new look craft room CC.
I'm pleased you're nearing the end of your sad time and beginning to feel creative.
Sending you creative sparkles and gentle hugs.
Sue xx