Friday, 27 August 2010

Re-purposed Childhood memories album

Inspired by an article in the french magazine "Entre Artistes" I decided to make a mini album using an old children's book as the base. I found a lovely old children's book at my second hand book shop for £1 and was able to use it to make an album about myself and my sister. This book is from the fifties/sixties when we grew up, so it had the perfect feel to it. I am sure it is not acid and lignin free, but I am not using any original photo's, just reprints.
I started by assembling all my photo's I had printed online. I used fourteen here. I put them into rough date order, then I went through the book dry positioning the photos to cover the text as best I could. I chose to leave some titles and most of the colour picture uncovered and reorganised the photo's if the text was portrait or landscape accordingly. I even made sure I had a Christmas picture on the page with a Christmas tree and a dog on the page with a dog etc!

Next I assembled a tray with lots of vintage style embellishments, washi tape, wild cards and journaling spots to hand, so I could rummage easily through them and seek inspiration for each page. I got out my bags of scrap paper pieces and looked for scraps of Sassafras or similar vintage feel papers in various colours that toned with the photo's.

As you are working within and existing book, you cannot use any embellishments that are too proud or the book spine will get sprained. If you use any of any thickness, try to place them to the outside edges of the book. I also introduced some overlapping papers/ribbons etc to create tabs. I finished the pages off, by placing a journaling spot somewhere on each page and adding some rub ons.
I will share some more pages soon! TFLx


jamie said...

very cool, I have alot of great grandma's school books I could finally find a use for.

jackie(worcs) said...

Love the vintagey look to this album, what a great idea!
Jackie :-)