Sunday, 26 September 2010

Another week gone!

Well where did that week go? Have been busy doing everything but crafting!! Got chance yesterday to visit DS1 at Uni in his student house for second year, which was nice, although the words room, hardly, swing and cat all spring to mind! I don't know how some student landlords sleep at night charging that amount for a box room and no place to eat other than on knees on the sofa!!! And charging for the summer holidays too!! Needless to say he drew the short straw literally so I had to be a bit creative with the furniture placement!! I have managed to secure a three foot square of standing room now!! I also gathered the curtain tapes to make them look more like curtains and not a squat!! I suppose it is all part of student life!! I just remembered why I stayed in halls of residence for three years when I was there! I had heating and hot water you see and they were the main priority for me!! LOL!
Tripping up in Leicester square last weekend has caused me no end of trouble with my back this week. I even resorted to taking my microwave wheat bag to school to help me!! Hoovering up on Friday has not helped it either, or doing Changing Rooms in Leeds yesterday! I am back to square one today :(
Been trying to parcel things up for winter in the garden furniture dept today! Rammed as much as we could into the new shed so that means it is surely autumn now! We had high winds on Friday and driving rain which meant that the table cover had taken off and ripped, so needs must, we put the table in the new shed!!
Talking of our new shed, it is looking very fetching in "Willow" green! I will try and take a picture tomorrow.
I have been sending off for my USA holiday snaps from Photobox today, so maybe a Florida album, may appear sometime soon! I also found a collage of DS1's first year, from birth to first birthday in the loft this week, so have taken it apart to make a mini album that I can look at rather than a frame in a bin bag in the loft!!
I parcelled up some of FIL's old photo's in Vacu sacs in a storage box in the loft, as I am fed up of tripping over them in the dining room. I am hoping the vacu sacks will keep them safe and dry.
Today's random pic, is Barney's super soft new bed, by "Forty Winks" Is that dog ruined or what??? TFLx

Monday, 20 September 2010

Been to the big smoke!

We took a weekend trip to London to celebrate a friend's 50th birthday and managed to clash with The Pope and London Fashion Week! Lol! Never mind, we had a great time and walked our legs off, so I am now suffering from blisters, having walked and average of ten miles per day!! We managed some serious shopping trips and some great food stops, so all in all a great time was had by all!
Mum's birthday today, so we have been to the pub for lunch and she was delighted with the Per Una dress I bought her. Dad is making steady progress, albeit slow progress, but is about to be signed off by the district nurse, so that is a start.
Monday is my regular day to spend with mum and dad now, and Tuesday I do my lesson planning. I work Wednesday and Thursday and hopefully try to manage some crafting on a Friday, but that plan has not worked yet!! Lol!! By the time we have caught up with jobs at the weekend, the week has gone by!! I will try to do some crafting I promise! TFLx

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Where did that week go??

Well, tha's the first week over, but there seems to have been a fast forward of time somewhere!! Too much to do, even though things were planned and prepared and despite staying late two nights, my room is still only half done! I have several bare displays!! Next week see's the start of card club for year 6 pupils, so I need to organise that pretty sharpish!! Think we will start with something simple!
Thought I would share some goodies that are catching my eye in the shops at the  moment! Sneaked on to the craft emporium the other week and bought some of these Halloween Jenni Bowlin buttons

I bought some mini pumpkins in Florida in their "Fall decorating" section at the craft shop, so hopping to use them to make some sort of halloween decoration.
I also very much like the Family tree papers
Got a few of these! Then there is October afternoon's new release, "Seaside."

They all have my beloved vintage feel! All I need is time to craft!!
What are you liking at the moment? Please leave a comment and tell me about anything new I have missed!! TFLx

Monday, 6 September 2010

Back to school!

If you are wondering where I have gone, it is back to school week!! That week that parents are all dying for, to hand their children back over to us!! I have been in and out of school three days this last week to prepare, there is so much to do!! All the walls are now covered with backing paper and borders and some of the title headings are up, but as there were a few gremlins in the school computer network system and the photocopier, not as much has been achieved as I had hoped!! Add to this, DS1 having this happen to his car on the motorway last thursday, when a roll of wire fell off the back of a lorry, we have had a very hectic time.
Can I just say, thank goodness he emerged unscathed, that is one serious smash of glass! I never want to receive that phone call again!! TFlx

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Me love Pottery Barn!

When in the USA, one of the shops I was dying to visit was Pottery Barn! I think If I lived there, my house would be completely Pottery Barn! Anyway, In Florida Mall, I found a small one and had a browse! I would have loved to have brought back a tray they had on sale, but it was far too big for my suitcase!! You know how I always find things in whichever country I visit, that I just have to have???? Well I found these gorgeous file folders and I knew they would make something fabulous!
Searching on You Tube, I have previously found mini albums made from file folders. As this one was decorated, I had to make my mini album in a slightly different way so that the design remained the right way up. I wanted to have a pocket too.
I found some fab co-ordinating papers in 7Gypsies new release Conservatory, which I ordered from The Craft Emporium.

Here is the mini album I made.

The bottom right hand section is a pocket. I have strengthened the folds with Washi tape in a bookbinding script. There are twelve sections for photo's and journaling apart from the front and back covers.

I trimmed the front cover with some vintage elements including one of my stamped and glossed Maya Road chipboard buttons. The bird was from a K&Co handmade embellishment set I bought in Florida. I also used a Broken China Distress Ink pad with cut and dry foam, to ink the edges and corners for an aged look.