Sunday, 26 September 2010

Another week gone!

Well where did that week go? Have been busy doing everything but crafting!! Got chance yesterday to visit DS1 at Uni in his student house for second year, which was nice, although the words room, hardly, swing and cat all spring to mind! I don't know how some student landlords sleep at night charging that amount for a box room and no place to eat other than on knees on the sofa!!! And charging for the summer holidays too!! Needless to say he drew the short straw literally so I had to be a bit creative with the furniture placement!! I have managed to secure a three foot square of standing room now!! I also gathered the curtain tapes to make them look more like curtains and not a squat!! I suppose it is all part of student life!! I just remembered why I stayed in halls of residence for three years when I was there! I had heating and hot water you see and they were the main priority for me!! LOL!
Tripping up in Leicester square last weekend has caused me no end of trouble with my back this week. I even resorted to taking my microwave wheat bag to school to help me!! Hoovering up on Friday has not helped it either, or doing Changing Rooms in Leeds yesterday! I am back to square one today :(
Been trying to parcel things up for winter in the garden furniture dept today! Rammed as much as we could into the new shed so that means it is surely autumn now! We had high winds on Friday and driving rain which meant that the table cover had taken off and ripped, so needs must, we put the table in the new shed!!
Talking of our new shed, it is looking very fetching in "Willow" green! I will try and take a picture tomorrow.
I have been sending off for my USA holiday snaps from Photobox today, so maybe a Florida album, may appear sometime soon! I also found a collage of DS1's first year, from birth to first birthday in the loft this week, so have taken it apart to make a mini album that I can look at rather than a frame in a bin bag in the loft!!
I parcelled up some of FIL's old photo's in Vacu sacs in a storage box in the loft, as I am fed up of tripping over them in the dining room. I am hoping the vacu sacks will keep them safe and dry.
Today's random pic, is Barney's super soft new bed, by "Forty Winks" Is that dog ruined or what??? TFLx


SusieJ said...

A hectic week CC - sparkles for your poorly back.
Haven't yet seen DS's student house - all I know is 10 of them are sharing and he has a double bed.
Great photo of Barney and his new bed.
Sue xx
p.s. like you I stayed in Uni accommodation the whole time. Do you think heat and hot water are "girl things"?

Anonymous said...

Ouch! for the bad back & a good idea for DS1's collage.
I've got a 'First Year' started some-where in the mess that is my craft room.
Bless Barney - he deserves a bit of comfort now he's an 'Old Timer'....Mgt.