Monday, 6 September 2010

Back to school!

If you are wondering where I have gone, it is back to school week!! That week that parents are all dying for, to hand their children back over to us!! I have been in and out of school three days this last week to prepare, there is so much to do!! All the walls are now covered with backing paper and borders and some of the title headings are up, but as there were a few gremlins in the school computer network system and the photocopier, not as much has been achieved as I had hoped!! Add to this, DS1 having this happen to his car on the motorway last thursday, when a roll of wire fell off the back of a lorry, we have had a very hectic time.
Can I just say, thank goodness he emerged unscathed, that is one serious smash of glass! I never want to receive that phone call again!! TFlx


SusieJ said...

OMG Caroline! DS1 is a lucky boy - I hate travelling behind lorries for that reason - you never know if the load is secure.
Sparkles for the new term.
Sue xx

Caroline and Jayne said...

OMG thank goodness everyone is ok x
Are you or your friends going to the NEC Nov ? Shimelle Laine is teaching a card class for us. Come check us out

Hi I'm Maria... said...

sending you hugs CC, yes that is one call you don't want to receive, pleased he was all right though...

maria x