Thursday, 7 October 2010

R.I.P Mr Kenwood

My Kenwood mixer died, quite spectacularly last Sunday when I was preparing a pudding for Sunday lunch. There was a loud crack, I thought I had been shot, then a smell of burning and smoke. Mr Kenwood is no more :(  It has been a trusty family member for many years, in fact it was a wedding present! I did toy with the idea of maybe treating myself to a Kitchen Aid instead as they seem to be be "de rigueur" these days, but then I did some swatting up and I realised that there were far more recommendations for the trusty English Kenwood than the American Kitchen aid and besides I have some attachments that would still fit. If I bought a Kitchen Aid, I would need to have a separate blender too! So I Ummed and I ahhed (if that's how you spell it!) and came to the decision that a new Mr Kenwood was the way to go! If this lasts another 23 years, that will be long enough!! So now I have this gorgeous looking baby sitting on my worktop and I can't wait to get started!!
It came with all this as standard and believe it or not  Amazon had it on a wow deal (£170 off) so I was well pleased! Cheaper than a Kitchen Aid too and I don't need a separate blender!! Happy Christmas (come early) to me!!! There is a lot of cooking gets done in this house, so to be without this baby was a tall order! By the way, that lower pic is from their advert and not a picture of my kitchen! Lol! Just need to clear out the cupboard to store all the bits and pieces. Got to be a page in this story! TFLx


airing cupboard crafts said...

The title made me chuckle. My MIL has a kenwood and it's 42yrs old now. I have the kitchen aid and I really wouldn't be without it x

SusieJ said...

And there was I envying your swish kitchen!
Happy cooking!
Sue xx

TwinTrouble said...

Ohhh, that new Kenwood looks gorgeous... can I ask which model it is please, i'd like to have a nosey as my partner is wanting a Kitchen Aid but I want to do a bit of research first before buying one for Christmas :)

Hope you have fun playing with it :) x

furrypig said...

Please would you tell me which model too as we desperately need a new mixer/liquidiser etc etc and my parents have their original one from my childhood still so they are very reliable! Thanks for any help xxx