Friday, 8 October 2010


Cupcakes made with my new Kenwood Mixer! Why do we all make cupcakes all of a sudden?? What happened to good old fashioned buns??? These are twice as big and therfore twice as fattening!! Mind you, saves you eating two!! TFLx


Carol Ann said...

These look brill but we always called them fairy cakes when I was growing up ... still do :)
How come home baking always tastes so much better than shop bought?
Carol Ann xx

SusieJ said...

Ooh - they look soooo tempting!
Sue xx
p.s. why do we now call them cupcakes instead of fairy cakes/butterfly cakes?

TwinTrouble said...

They look gorgeous and soo yummy but I wouldn't call them Cupcakes as they have always been Butterfly cakes to me... and I love making good old fashioned Buns, you get so many more from your mix :P

cannycrafter said...

Twin trouble it is a Kenwood Chef Titanium from Amazon. Great deal at the moment with everything included.

Sandra said...

Have to agree with Carol Ann ... I call them fairy cakes too :) These look really good.