Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Are we ready???

The month is upon us and if you are like me, you still have shopping to do and cards to write! (I did do some online shopping yesterday, so feeling a bit happier!) But, tomorrow is the start of the December daily, you photograph and journal something each day of December. Last year I really enjoyed this. I kept it small and compact, left it on my computer desk, so that I wrote it up each day, even if I did not print off the photographs daily. I embellished the whole thing at the end of the month. I created a pack to have to hand that I could use things from as I went along. Extra bits of papers and labels as well as alphabets and date tags, like a mini kit. I think I am all set to go!

Tomorrow also sees the start of Tim's tags, which I hope to complete, not necessarily daily, but certainly read daily!
There is a mini Christmas Cybercrop this weekend, over at UKs, which I could do with, to kick start my scrapping layouts!
Last night I was trying to print off my Paris photo's, to get that album done, but the computer was not playing and kept closing PSE on me when I got to the print screen!!! I will see if I can complete this today!
Some of the snow is reducing today and we have had no more overnight, so hopefully DS's school has reopened today. Just had a text from OH who is at the airport waiting to board his flight to Scandinavia.
School planning for me today, plus soup making later! If i have any spare time I will get to my Paris album, but I am still only half way through my Florida album from the summer, so that un-nerves me to see it sitting there waiting!!
Not quite sure who gave Barney permission to get on the leather sofa!!!! On a day like today with all that snow around, it was the best place to be! TFLx


tea_bag said...

Yes also doing a christmas journal but finishing on 6th January so look forward to comparing notes Also hoping to do some of Tims tags if not all of them hugs almaxx

SusieJ said...

Barney looks so comfortable there! Max has had no snow to play in.:(
I'm all ready for the journal (but not for Christmas alas - I still have cards to make let alone write!).
Sue xx